10 Amazing Home Beauty Tips for Your Hands

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10 Amazing Home Beauty Tips for Hands

When you meet some one first thing they notice is your face  but then you shake hands with them than your hand is the 2nd thing people notice about you. Hands are very important part of our body  as we do everything by our hand. We are very keen to care about our faces but hands also needs some special care and attentions as they are most used part of our body and they need little care also. Your hands express your affection to those you love and the touch of your hand can be pleasing to children  and those who are suffering from illness.

Tips for hand care 

  1. Wash your hand hand daily 4- 5 times to clean all the pores  of your hand properly.
  2. Use moisturizers or hand creams to develop a soft hand
  3. Massage your hand with a oil base moisturizer daily for a 5 minutes.
  4. Do not wash your hand too mach because more water means it will remove the oily layer protection of the skin of your hand.
  5. Wear hand gloves if you are touching too much of water.
  6. Use sun cream or sun block before going outside this will protect your hand from the sunburn.
  7. Eat foods rich vitamin E and vitamin C to avoid dryness of the skin of your hand.
  8. Wear rubber gloves while working in the garden
  9. Scrub your hand with a natural scrubber weekly
  10. Apply hand lotion or a rich nourishing cream before going to bed.

Homemade scrub for hands

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of Glycerin and teaspoon of lemon juice with a 5 drops of rose water and apply it twice a day.
  • 2 teaspoon honey bland with piece of banana and apply on hand weekly.
  • Fresh milk cream with a teaspoon of sugar add few drops of lemon juice and massage your hands till the sugar granules dissolve.
  • Oatmeal is a great scrub for hands and you should use it once in a week.
  • Apply white part of eggs which also makes a hand mask. It makes the skin tight and prevents formation of wrinkles.


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