15 Hottest Hair Styles for Long Hair in 2015

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15 Hottest Hair Styles  for Long Hair in 2015

It’s time to put away the oversized coats, hats and chunky scarves because spring is here and what better way to embrace the new season than with a fabulous new look. Whether it’s pulled high in a ponytail, pinned into a braided bun, tousled in the wind or adorned with a charm, long hair styles are the common theme for 2015 and we are right there to keep up. Here are 15 of the hottest hairstyles for long hair in 2015:

1. Beach Waves

Beach waves (or beachy waves) have been around for a long time and we never seem to get enough of them. These ocean-friendly waves have definitely remained in the spotlight this year as we’ve seen them on celebrities, high-fashion models and runways all over the globe. You don’t have to live by the beach to achieve this flawless hair style- all you need is a curling-iron and glossing spray. Wrap sections of your hair around the curling iron but leave the ends untouched to get the sexy beach wave look.

2. Twisted Updos

Updos have always been an easy, elegant and classic style. Add a little spice to the typical updo by twisting your hair in 4-6 large braids before pinning and finishing with hair spray to hold your look. Add a glossing spray to give your new updo a professional finishing touch.

3. Bohemian Waves

Who says you have to munch on granola or hug trees to enjoy the carefree look of Boheian Waves. Similar to beach waves but with a looser curl, Boho waves are bouncy, beautiful and require minimal effort to achieve this easy hairstyle for long hair. The key is to leave the ends of the hair untouched to naturally cascade around your shoulders to create a soft, easy-going look.

4. Fringe and Curls (or, Bangs with Curls)

Bangs are back and in a major way. The look is reminiscent of the 60s with a modern touch. Long hairstyles with bangs made a prominent appearance on runways this spring and we couldn’t get enough. If you’re not sure you’re ready to cut your hair yet, you can try clip-in bangs as an alternative and a fun way to switch up your look without the commitment to the scissors.

5. Hair Accessories/ Adornments

Hair accessories are running the show this year and can add instant pizzazz to any hairstyle. Adding an iridescent hair pin to a pinup style or low bun will give it an instant touch of elegance from hair scarves and floral garlands to sparkly hair combs and gorgeous headbands. Or, try opting for an edgier hair accessory such as a leather flower, cross hair pendants or mixed material hair accessories.

6. Romantic Blowouts (or, Cascading Blowouts)

To get the hopeless romantic look (and perhaps a hot date) pair a rounded hair brush and blow-dryer for an effortless finish. Be ready to turn heads as soon as you step out the door with this long, curly hairstyle. The look can also be achieved using a larger curling iron or rollers.

7. Wet Head/Freshly Showered

No more rushing to blow-dry your hair after showering, the wet look is in this season. To achieve this easy look use hair gel to slick your hair back while it’s still wet to get the sleek, shiny “just out of the water” look that seems to be pretty popular amongst fashion models this year. Add a side or middle part to your wet hair look for a little charisma.

8. Fishtail braid

There’s something about the fishtail braid that demands attention and awe from onlookers. Although it can appear to be an extremely intricate style, the fishtail braid is actually an easy hairstyle for longer hair and can be appropriately worn for both informal and black-tie events.

9. Retro Waves

Retro waves are a timeless hair style that channels vintage Hollywood, The Roaring Twenties and Christina Aguilera. Retro waves are soft, uniformed and sleek, and can be dressed up or down. Using a 1 to 1.5 inch curling iron is all you need to mimic this classic and curly hairstyle for long hair that never gets old.

10. Undercuts/Under-shaves

Undercuts are making their way across the globe. Women everywhere are adopting this risky and bold look, shaving off the sides and back of the hair for the instant rock star appearance. This look will surely turn heads and keep people staring out of awe or envy. Either way, mission accomplished.

11. Bouncy Ponytail

A playful hair style indeed, yet stylish enough to pair with almost any look at any event. The bouncy ponytail is easy to create and takes less than 10 minutes to achieve. It doesn’t have to be perfect that’s what makes this style so fun and effortless.

12. Braids

One common theme that we have seen on the runways this spring is the braided hairstyle for longer hair. Cornrows are definitely a must-try style and rope braid ponytails are a must. Whether your braiding skills are amateur or expert the key to these braided styles for long hair is that they don’t have to be perfect by any means. The more tousled the better.

13. Low Buns

Buns are always a quick and easy way to make it look like you’ve spent hours on your hair without spending more than 20 minutes. The fun part of wearing a low bun with long hair is shaping your bun into an array of shapes from hearts to bow ties, to give your long hairstyle a unique and timeless look.

14. High-Fashion Ponytail

Wear it high or wear it low, just as long as it’s lustrous, elegant and long. In fact, the longer the hair the better this elegant look will turn out. Pulling the hair back into a sleek ponytail gives the impression that you don’t just know style, you are style.

15. Woven Braid

For a quick look that screams high-fashion try weaving a scarf into a low braided hairstyle. The style is simple to create and requires nothing but a long, fashionable scarf and your two hands. You can achieve this look by brushing the hair backward and layering your scarf at the top of your crown to the base of your neck. Once you have separated the hair into three sections for braiding, incorporate the scarf into each section and braid with your hair. Don’t worry if you can’t get it perfect because that’s exactly what this look is all about.

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