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21 Top Reasons for acne/ pimples

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What is pimples

A small hard inflamed raised spot on the skin that is temporary is called a pimple. Total age of a pimple is around 4 weeks before they appears on your skin they build up inside  your pores for 2 weeks. For pimples there are many reasons here are top reasons for pimples.

Type of Pimples

Cysts- Cysts is painful raised spot with pus. Cysts are clearly visible on skin and cysts have tendency to leave scar.

Nobules- Nobules  are large and solid pimples. They are rooted deep in the skin and are very painful.

Pustules- Pustules are big and visible on face but their base is red  and there is pus on the top.

Papules- Papules are very small in size but are visible if you see them closely basically they are raised in bunch and have pink colors.

Whiteheads- Whiteheads are very small and they remain under the skin but in future they can cause other type of pimples

Blackheads- This is the most common pimple type for  oily skin . Blackheads are blocked pores on the face and nose  by size it is small but visible as a black sport on surface.

Top Reasons for pimples

  1. Bacteria- Bacteria are present in every part of body as they are  important part of our system regulation and in our skin bacteria regulates our sebum and when their is  any disbalance in our bacteria count cause pimples/Acne
  2. Stress- If you take more stress then your Adrenal gland have tendency to produce more testosterone which causes pimples .
  3. Extra Sebum– If your skin is oily than your skin have a  tendency to produce extra sebum and generally these extra sebum mix with your dead skin and block your skin pores and thereby produce pimples.
  4. Food – If you love to eat oily food or fried food it can cause many problems and one of those problem is pimples.
  5. Makeup- Using oil base makeup and not removing it on time can be a reason for pimples
  6. Hormonal imbalance – Hormonal imbalance due to any other reason can cause pimples
  7. Dandruff- Dandruff is also one of the reason for pimples. dandruff happens due to dead cell and dead cell mix with sebum produce pimples
  8. Menstrual cycle- some times imbalance in menstrual cycle  can also cause pimples
  9. Pregnancy – In the first trimester of pregnancy most women have pimples due to changes in hormones.
  10. Season changes -Like our body  our skin also faces effect of season changes and it can also cause pimples.
  11. Sunlight- Exposure to more sunlight can boost bacteria in our skin and is also a reason for pimples.
  12.  Lack of sleep- Sleeping on time and completing 8 hours sleep also is very important, not only for your skin, but also so that your body can repair itself as you rest.
  13. Genetics-Genes play a big role in the your skin. if your parents have tendency to have pimples then  you are also at risk
  14. Birth control pills- If you are taking birth controls pills it can also be a reason for pimples.
  15. Thyroid- High thyroid is also one of the reason for pimples.
  16. Sweet food –  Eating too much of sweet food can also boost bacteria causing pimples.
  17. Alcohol – Drinking alcohol can cause you poor liver and kidney function which can result in many problems one of these problems can be pimples
  18. Tea- Drinking too much of tea can increase your body temperature and boost the bacteria causing pimples.
  19. Less water- Taking less intake of water  reducing chances of purification of  your system and can cause pimples
  20. Drugs- Certain kinds of drug can cause an imbalance of your digestion system which in turn causes pimples
  21. Touching your face – If you have a habit of  touching your face frequently it can leave bacteria on your face which in turn can cause pimples .

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