5 Skin Care Problems in Summer and their Solutions

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shutterstock_126069893Skincare problems during summer

In our calendar  there are four seasons winter, spring, summer and autumn out of which summer is the warmest. Every one of these seasons have their own benefit and problem. Every one wants to spend time in  summers long evening with their loved ones but at the same time they are worried about the skin problems caused by summer .


Reason :

In summers the level of UV rays is very high and it causes sunburn. Whenever your skin is exposed to the sun for a period of time, eventually it burns, turning red and irritated. When ever you sit too long in outside UV rays damage your DNA. regular damage of DNA can cause you skin cancer.

Prevention :

  1. Apply sun screen when ever you go out for exposure to UV light . In case of high temperature apply sun screen in every 2 hours .
  2. When ever you have sun light exposure cover your self with cotton cloth so your skin can be protected from UV light  and breath also .
  3. Avoid exposure to sun after noon.

Remedies :

  • Take a bath with cool water to soothe the burn. Apply some sunburn gel
  • Stay hydrated drink plenty of water.

Dry and Parched skin


The heat of summer after noon and exposure to sun kills our skin ventilation cells and makes our skin dry. Drinking Lesser water may also be one of the reason of dryness

Prevention :

  1. Drink 8-10 liter water and stay hydrated every time.
  2. Use sun screen which contains  moisturizer

Remedies :

  • Scrub your skin twice in week
  • For repairs use night cream daily
  • Eat  food which is full of vitamin E


Acne is the biggest problem of summer. Summer means sweating and sweating open your pores which then get blocked with dirt which causes Acne

Prevention :

  1. Washing your face every 30 minutes is the key in summer to prevent your skin from having Acne.
  2. Washing your face will remove dirt form your pores and prevent blocking of your pores

Remedies :

  • Don’t forget to cleansing your skin . Milk is the best homemade cleanser
  • Use oil control cream and gel
  • Apply Retinoids which contains cream for fast effect

Prickly Heat

In summers we have tendency of sweating every time which moistens the skin. The moist skin is a target for dirt . They block the pores and lead to summer rashes and acne giving an appearance of small pimples.

Prevention :

  1. Wear loose and cotton cloth so our skin can breath .
  2. Don’t scratch the sweaty area your body

Remedies :

  • Clean your skin as much as possible
  • Avoid to going out in afternoon
  • Use talcum or prickly heat powder in affected area .

Bug Bite

Summers season are the season of Bugs and mosquito.This is their hibernation season so you can find them in a bunch every where .

Prevention :

  1. Remove any stagnant water in and around your residence
  2. Avoid going to garden in evening and night time
  3. Use safe insect repellent cream

Remedies :

  • Apply oil or good moisturizer on affected area.
  • In case of itching put ice on the affected area.


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