5 Winter Makeup Tips For 2015

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Parineeti Chopra on Vacation

Parineeti Chopra on Vacation

Winters  are the holiday season holiday means outing and many get together means you need easy and perfect makeup tips so you can look all day long fresh and beautiful .

Here are some tips for daily winter makeup

1. Wash and Scrub  your face so all dead cell are removed

2. Use Moisturizer so you can prevent from the dryness

3.Then use foundation so your skin will look even and smooth after that you can use face powder

4 As we know winter is the season of colors so you must try different colors of eyeliners.

5. In winter you can try any bright color of lipstick for perfect look. Throughout the day, make sure that you use a nourishing lip balm with moisturizers. Avoid the shiny lipgloss.

These are some important and useful tips for winter daily makeup which gives you a stunning look like Parineeti in the picture above

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