8 Biggest Myths About Relationship

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8 Biggest Myths About Relationship

Love , marriage and relationship are not just fancy words and whenever they come into your life they will come with big responsibility. People say many things about relationships some are truth and some are myths. For making your relationship flourish you should know all the myths about a relationship.

1. Match made in heaven means that you don’t have to work at it.

Even for the most ideal couple with a perfect match made in heaven not working on a relationship is not a good idea. Relationship is like machine for working any machine smoothly you need oiling similarly to have a great relationship you need to work on it by giving more time and concern.

2.Relationships between opposites are more successful than the ones between people who are similar.

Peoples say that opposite attracts and for some extant it is true opposite can attracts but for a long term relationship  going peoples should have similarities. Relationship grows with time and for spending time with each other  people  should  have some similarities.

3.Half of all marriages end in divorce.

Many people say half of marriages end in divorce . If you are getting married  soon do not enter in any relationship with a negative mindset because these kind of all data given by those people who fails in their own  relationship.

4.Having a child will strengthen your relationship or marriage.

Having a child is a very responsible decision and if your marriage is not going good you shouldn’t plan baby. After having a child partners don’t have time for each other . Having less time with each other means having more confusion and complications in relationship.

5. Jealousy is a sign of true love and caring.

Jealousy means more argument and not having own space can lead more fights .Jealousy is a sign of not having confidence in your self .man and women can react very different ways to jealousy .  Men either get very defensive or angry.Women on the other hand, respond by trying to improve the relationship or themselves.

6.Fights kill relationships.

Fights don’t kill any relationship. Fights can be healthy for relationship. In fights your partner actually say what is going in their mind.  In actuality, what ruins relationships is not resolving  your fights.

7.If Some one really love you he/she will never try to change you.

Reality is that every one keeps on changing with their age physically and  mentally and changing with time and situation is not a bad thing. Every one should change for their betterment and their is no harm in that.

8.Marriage means happily ever after—no fighting allowed.

Marriage is not a end of any story it is milestone of any relationship. Marriage means beginning of a new chapter of your life it could full of love,argument, fight and patch up. Little fighting is good for a relationship .

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