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5 Daily Nail Care Tips for great Nails

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Nail Care Tips

Nail_Art source: Flickr originally posted by user NLC Senior

Nail Art source: Flickr originally posted by user NLC Senior

Nail care is a very important part of your beauty care and when ever you talk to any one or you wave your hand and shake hand with any person people will always notice your hand and nail . By looking at any one’s nail you can   always predict how aware they are about latest  trends in fashion.

Here are 5 simple steps of taking care of your nail

  1. Remove old nail polish by remover and clean every corner of your nail
  2. Soak your hand for 5 minutes in water with liquid soap.
  3. Dry your hand with towel make sure you dry every corner of your hand completely .
  4. Cut your Nail fine so that you give a U shape to your nail
  5. Color your nail with your favorite nail polish or make nail art

For the better care and glow of your nail repeat this process in every 15 days

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