8 Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

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8 Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Are you frustrated with oily skins. Oily skin are most difficult skin to manage .When it comes to makeup oily skin will give you the biggest challenge. Oily skin makeup fades away  very easily and if makeup will  not be proper than it will give you dull look. If your makeup gets into your pores it will cause many skin problems. But still you can give your oily skin flawless  smooth look with makeup without oily skin problems .It is just  a matter of knowing what and how  works with your skin .

Here is a list of products you will need for oily skin makeup .

  • Face wash for oily skin
  • Toner ( Proactive Toner use for oily skin)
  • Mattify ( Mattify  which contain Magnesium )
  • Primer (oily skin primer should not contain silicone)
  • Concealer (Avoid oily base concealer)
  • Foundation ( Use water base or Matt finish foundation avoid oil base foundation )
  • Setting powder (Use oily skin setting power )

Above cosmetics will give you flawless skin  and a great look to your skin texture which will also help you to stay long time without any makeup. Besides these you will also need eyeliners , kajal  , mascara, eye shadows and lipstick to complete your makeup.

Steps for oily face makeup

Step 1- Exfoliate-  Exfoliate means removing dead cells and cleaning your face. First use a scrubber on your face, apricot can be one of good scrub for oily skin .Take the scrub in your hand and rub in circles all over the face. Rub more on chin, cheeks, forehead and sides of nose. These area have a tendency to accumulate more dead cells.  Then wash your face with face wash. scrubbing your face will remove  all your dead cells and will give you a smooth look. Use good face wash with base and aloe vera, tea tree, rosemary or fruit skin in your face wash which will remove oil from deep cells.

Step 2- Toner- toning your skin is very important. Using a  proactive toner is best for oily skin. don’t use toner which contain  alcohol .Toner is very important to balance your PH levels of skin as well as disinfects pores and then seals them, to help prevent makeup and dirt from clogging inside. You will get great effect if you use homemade toner. Lemon juice , green tea , Turmeric and kiwi is could be a good toner for skin .

Step 3- Mattifying – If you have extra oily skin your skin  will accumulate oil every 30 minutes after cleaning your face. So mattifying is your key for all day Makeup.For extraordinary oily skin you can use magnesium milk . Magnesium product are highly effective for absorbing oil. Take mattifier on cotton ball and apply on face and leave for  3 minutes before applying anything.

Step 4-Primer- For oily skin use powder base primer. Powder base are best for oily skin as they absorbs all oil and don’t let the makeup give you a dull look. Don’t use primer which contain silicon and effects  your skin very badly and can result acne and breakout.

Step 5 – concealer- Concealer is for hiding all spots of acne, breakout and dark circles.  Apply concealer on all areas where needed. Apply concealer by your hand and blend with near by area. Avoid using oil base products.

Step 6- Foundation- Apply foundation by your hand or your  fingers tip or brush. Give equal finish to all area of your face forehead as well as chin. don’t use oil base product. Apply foundation upwards toward hairline for the batter finish.if you are Applying foundation by brush apply it by circular motion for good finish.

Step 7-Eye makeup and lip colors- Apply eye makeup as per your choices or as per occasion. For daily look you can apply mascara eyeliner with kajal to give right look to your eyes  then apply lipsticks as per your skin tone and as well as your cloths.

Step 8- Setting powder– Last step will provide your makeup finish apply setting powder as per your choices but it should not be oil base if your are applying color setting powder than  make sure that it should  match with your skin tone as well as your clothes.

These are some important and necessary steeps for  the oily skin makeup. with your oily skin you can look great all day long.







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