Nail Art

Nail Art and Artificial Nails

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Nail Art

Nail_Art source: Flickr originally posted by user NLC Senior

Nail_Art source: Flickr originally posted by user NLC Senior

What is Nail Art ?

Nail art is a creative way  for decorating finger tip and toe tip. In Nail Art any one can decorate their Nails by different colors stones, beads in nail art there are no set rules and pattern.

What are types of Nail art ?

Since Nail art is creative ways of decorating nail so no exact type available still we can consider two type of Nail Art

1.  Decorating your own nail

2. Artificial Nail or extension of nail

What are Artificial Nails ?

Artificial Nails

The Artificial Nails are not a replacement, but an extension for natural nails. Artificial  nails are also called as false nail or fashion nail or fake nail which you place over your nail artificial nails are made by different materials.

Generally two type of artificial nails are available

1. Tips are made of lightweight plastic plates that are nail-shaped. They are fixed  on the end of the natural nail and liquid acrylic is then applied over the entire nail.

2. Forms are fitted over the nail. Then an artificial nail is molded  out of acrylic. Then the form is removed and the new nail shaped and buffed to a shine.

What are the  Techniques of nail art ?

Nail art is about your creativity so no fix Techniques are available. However here are a few Techniques for beginners

  • Glitters nail polish
  • Glitters powders
  • Acrylic powders
  • Accessory adding
  • Pasting stickers

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