Top 20 foods to reduce belly fat

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20 Foods to reduce Belly Fat

Flat Abs Woman via shutterstock

Flat Abs Woman via shutterstock

Now a days obesity is a common problem and after crossing age of 30 or after pregnancy every women faces this problem . It doesn’t matter how much  your face is beautiful if your belly is bloated it will make you look unattractive. Obesity also increases your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver disease.

Why does your belly accumulates fat ?

Reasons of belly fat

  • If you are a junk food lover then you are taking extra calories every day all of which is not used by your body and the extra calories are accumulated as fat.
  • Bodies of women have a tendency to accumulate fat during hormonal changes like menopause during which women have  weaker metabolism.
  • Stress is a monster which harms us mentally as well as physically human tendency is to eat more under stress which in turn increases belly fat.
  • Not set routine of eating time if you are eating untimely it will cause you gas and indigestion indigestion causes your belly to bloat and will give your belly a flabby look.
  • Not sleeping much lack of sleep leads to indigestion resulting in gas formation and bloats up your belly making it look flabby.

How is fat accumulated in belly?

Fat distribution of our body is regulated by our sex hormones  estrogen and testosterone. When estrogen levels start to decline in women, there is dis-balance in distribution  of body fat, with more fat going to the abdomen. Losing abdomen fat is the biggest concern for all of us. Beside exercising we need to control our diet and eat right food.

Belly fat diet and Belly fat Burning foods

Top 10 food to burn your belly fat

  1. Almonds are rich in vitamin E . Almonds can control your hunger for a long time  which will help you to stay full and eat less.
  2. Oatmeal is full of fiber . Oatmeal add very low calories in our body. Oatmeal in skimmed milk is the best breakfast for reducing belly fat.
  3. Watermelon is best food for reducing weight and shape up your body as watermelon contains 82% of water . This big fruit will help you to stay full even during a  busy day.
  4. Eggs are rich with Vitamin B12 it will help you to improve your metabolism
  5. Eat green and leafy Vegetable every day . All leafy vegetable are full of fiber and all kind of mineral which help you to improve water resistance without increasing your belly size .
  6. Having Beans will help you reduce weight because beans are low in  calories and high in protein it will also make you feel full for long period of time.
  7. Fishes like Salmon, mackerel, tuna are rich in protein, include good fatty acids (omega 3 acid) and mono saturated fatty acids all of which increase  metabolism and are good belly fat burning foods
  8. Drink 8 -10 liter water every day this will improve your metabolism and help you to reduce belly fat
  9. Peppermint have lot of digestive properties. It is also good for removing belly fat. The easiest way to do this is to drink it in tea form. Besides, it also helps in cleansing your skin.
  10. Skimmed milk will also help you to reduce belly fat because it is full of protein and is low in fat.
  11. Bowl full of popcorn though it sounds tasty but popcorn can also help you in reducing belly fat because popcorn is whole grain and full of fiber but remember do not add butter and other flavors.
  12. One table spoon of honey  with warm water every day will improve your metabolism and also help you to reduce belly fat.
  13. Black and blue berry:  before going to bed eat 5 – 6 numbers of berry they will help you to dissolve your body fat and prevent accumulation of fat in belly.
  14. If you are planing for weight loss then skip your regular tea and start taking green tea green tea will prevent your system to accumulate fat .
  15. Olive oil  dose’t have trans fat and it will satisfy your craving in healthy way . Olive oils also control your cholesterol levels .
  16. Mint or mint tea is very good option for reducing belly fat .by nature mint have digestive protein and improves your metabolism which can help you to reduce weight.
  17. Garlic is a one of the  powerful detoxifier .Garlic will regulate your blood sugar levels.Most important benefit of having good amount of garlic is that it will prevent you from sweet craving.
  18. Have a salad before a meal so you have craving for small portion of food salad are full of fiber it can also improves your digestion systems.
  19. Kelp is a large seaweeds this is a rare food and if you are living in coastal area this will be available . This sea grass is full of iodine and can regulate your thyroid in right direction as well as improve your metabolism and good metabolism can help to reduce belly fat.
  20. You will be definitely surprised to hear next food name and the name is chilly. Chilly contains  beta carotene which helps to improves metabolism and maintains healthy skin but remember too much of chilly can make you sick in tummy.

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