Top 10 haircuts for Curly Hairs

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You have curly hair and your curly hair is making you worried about how you will look good with these unmanageable hair than don’t fret I will help you. Generally people say that curly hairs are frizzy, dry and uncountable but still you can have gorgeous look by choosing the right hair cut according to your hair type.

shutterstock_132993335Short Haircuts for curly hair

  1. Very Short pixie– on curly hairs very short pixie dose’t look like pixie It will give you a retro look . Very short pixie in curly hairs is easy to manage. short pixies gives you tight and fantastic curls. When you have curly hair, you just need to choose a type of haircut and look gorgeous. If you have very sharp feature than choose this as your hair cut as this will give you absolutely stunning look.
  2. Short layered Bob– Layered bob is an all time favorite in curly short hairstyle. If your hair is not thick or it doesn’t have much volume than this is your hairstyle as this hairstyle will give you very elegant look.
  3. Messy Bob-If you want to look cool and carefree than this is your hair style. If you have tight curls than this hairstyle will look good on you  as this will give you messy and layered look with some bangs on your face .

shutterstock_236291764Medium Haircuts for curly hairs

  1. Short and Tight Curl Bob-If your hair have volume  curl like spring than this is your cut.  This will give a bouncy look of your hair . If your face is slim and long then this cut will suit you.
  2. Wavy Layered – If your hair is wavy or silky curl than this is your cut. This is  ever green cut and never goes out of fashion .This cut will give you elegant and perfect look with curly hairs.
  3. Medium curly bangs– This hairstyle goes with all kind of faces . Curly bangs always look natural and will always give you a modest look .
  4. Wavy steps –  This is one of the most common hair cut in curly hair as this suits all kind of face cut by having maximum number of steps you will give your hair a bouncy look. Also this kind of cut will give you showstopper look.


Long Haircuts for curly hairs

  1. Long Loose curls– If you have long wavy hair and uneven wave then this is your cut as this cut will give you traditional look.Now a days this is one of the most popular cut in young girls . This cut is perfect for the long hair lover
  2. Long Wavy Layered– If you have long loose curls than you can go for the layers cut.With the long layer cut you can have many layers form bottom to top. Going for this cut will give your hair a thick look .
  3. Long steps cut with bangs-This is the cut that best suits on round face. Curly Bangs can be flattering, strong and flirtatious if they are cut slightly longer and swept to the side of your face to highlight your eyes and cheekbones. This cut will give you any time party going look.


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