What to wear on First Date ?

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What to wear on First Date ?

Are you going on you first date? if your answer is yes you must have butterflies in your stomach and would have many questions on your mind; Like how to behave ? What to ask and What not to and the biggest question is what to wear on first date . What you should wear however depends upon many things like place, time and occasion.

What to wear on first date to dinner?

If your first date is dinner date generally dinner date are considered more formals then other dates. Formal doesn’t means you wear a business suit or you dressed up like you are going to crack a deal. You should wear something which is elegant however your clothes should not be too casual or too jazzy.

Here are some options that you can try

  • Try cocktail gown . In cocktail gown you will look elegant
  • Try pants with flowers print shirt and a jacket this will give you a smart look
  • Try short gown if you have sexy legs but don’t show too much skin

What to wear on first date to Lunch or brunch ?

If your first date is on brighter and sunny day. Lunch time dates are considered as a semi formal date so you can mix and match . Chose all of your clothes very wisely

Here are some fashion  tips for lunch date

  • You can wear a loose pant or plazo with short top role a scarf over it
  • You can wear a long skirt with T shirt wear a hat with this combination
  • You can wear jeans with casual shirt or T shirt

What to wear on first date to Drink or Pub ?

If your first date is meeting for a drink or going to pub than you have to be extra careful about your dress . If your date is a night out in pub or disco a short black dress with half boots  can create magic. While choosing your footwear consider your comfort but make sure you should not show too much skin or you would be giving out wrong signals.

What to wear on first date after 40 ?

As we all know Love does not have expiry date so if at any age if love is coming to your life you should welcome it with your open hands. If you are at 40 going on a first date than you must be nervous because you don’t know what is trending now or things that will suit you we will help you in this case

Here are some ever green fashion tips

  • You can wear loose pant and contrast it with color high neck top with a big buckle belt  and it will give you smart and mature look
  • You can wear tight jegging with tunic and shrug
  • You can also wear loose fitted middle dress with scarf

add you accessory wisely like shoes and sun glasses with suits you and you and comfortable in.


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