What to Wear: 15 Fashion Trends for Women in 2015.

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What to Wear: 15 Fashion Trends for Women in 2015

Let’s buy it all before it’s sold out. 15, the number of years has got something trendy and urban in store for us. Fashion trends go with the mood and they sure tend to set with the season. Colors affect the mood and personality which correlate with the behavior. Marsala, the shade of wine is the Pantone color of the year and it impacts being color of energy and youth. Here are the top 15 trends to follow in 2015 to shine on the glamour line of trends.

1. Trends! Style up with an urban twist. This season is sure going to be an exciting experiment with trends. Elegance and style for 2015 with colors and floral impacts will be the in thing for spring.




2.What to Wear Clothing!

Be it casual or formal, 2015 is going to be a year of mixed trends when it comes to clothing. Tank tops and denims for the casual and those extravagant gowns for the formal evenings. It is a year of beauty and comfort and indeed quite exciting to see the trends. Winters are going to be more subtle and it is time to pull out those furry long silk gowns instead of knits.

3. What to Wear Make Up!

Natural is the in thing forever. But adding a little style to that doll face will do the trick, this year. A little wink around the lash and those lovely glitters on the lids. Smoky, shimmery and the trendy urban decays are the hit list items to pick up from the shelves. So conceal those marks and hit the trends like a pro.

4. Lippy! It’s the year to go a little bold with the marsala and peaches. Pull it off confidently as it suits any complexion type. Go a little extra on the color and try to experiment with the shades as subtle for days and bold for evenings. Let the spring time roll in style.

5. Nail Colors! Painting nails with the lovely art, including abstracts, flowers, stripes and checks will be the cherry on top. Go a little extra on the darker shades of wine to match the trends with a dash of burgundy and copper.

6. What to Wear Jewellery!

The statement necklaces will be a sure shot with the trendy gowns and those peeking shades of your jeans. Pick up the stylish urban jewels to compliment the outfit which is big, subtle but attractive to let you sprinkle the magic of fashion. Drop down earrings, trendy midi rings, a little charm on the ankle and some casual bracelets will make it a perfect compliment.

Women Jewellery

7. What to Wear Handbags!

Go trendy with those carrying bags. Pick up the big casuals by MK in shades of blue and red or those blacks and browns from the Parada Catalog. It’s going to compliment the style you carry so well.

Women handbag

8. What to Wear Shoes!

The next time you shop till you drop, don’t forget to have a sneak peak at the sneakers shop around the corner. These boots will be trending this summer with the hints of jungle zebra or cheetah on the prints. Wedges are out and it’s time to walk confidently in those comfy style heels to make the world right.

Women Shoe

9. Sun Glasses! Let those eyes dazzle from behind the curtain of the cool specs that are neither square not round, but towards the royal semi-rectangular side. Let your glasses define the style, this year.

10. Hairdo! Let your hair speak the language of love this season. Lose tie-up has always been the most adorable. Face it with the beauty of your style by having a casual tie up on the top with either flairs or curls rolling to the sides. But, for the formal gatherings, the contemporary side buns with hints over the face will go a long way. You can choose the shades of misty dust and highlights of the trending woods….. and it’s going to rock your style anywhere.

11. Colors! Since shades of wine are very popular nowadays, so go a little warm on colors this year. Those English colors of energy will be a great trend for summers and spring and all the blues and greens will take the lead during winters. Go a little creative with mix and match of scarves and buns around the neck and those trendy, colorful denims with a pair of sneakers. Black is the in thing for formal night outs since forever. Experiment a little with ash and charcoal and you will be the point of the lime lights during 2015.

12. Textures! A good news for all the trendy and stylish people is that flowers, springs, freshness and trends will rock this year. Go crazy with patterns of your choice and experiment with as many colors, as you want. Try to be streamlined with the shades of same family and one odd color to top the trends. Misty lavenders and trendy marshals will be the in combinations for 2015, though. Add some lines, stripes, checks and circles to your wardrobe, this season.

13. Perfumes! Zesty, classic and citrus, it is going to be trending with a hashtag in 2015. Let’s pick all those pomegranate and strawberries for the casual and a little aromatic musk for formal gatherings. Lavender, D&G, Flora by Gucci and JC will keep trending and grabbing at least a few is a must this season.

14. Wrist Bands! Go a little formal when it comes to wrist wraps. Those shimmers are out and lathers are in. The colorful leather straps with those big funky dials will let their presence be felt this season. So, let’s be a little trendy when it comes to picking up the wrist watches.

15. Trend, Itself! Beauty is the trend for 2015. Regardless of your skin tone, being comfortable in what you wear and carrying is well will be trending in 2015. Let’s look our best during 2015 and justify our word on the Urban Chic themed year. Happy Fashionista!! Hopefully, you would love to opt all the 15 Fashion trends for Women in 2015. Don’t hesitate to use these trends in your lifestyle to make your life wonderful 🙂

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