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Hair Breakage at Crown : Why is it Happening & How to fix it

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Hair Breakage at Crown

Hair Follicles ( the cells) have a lot of tension at the crown (top of your head) due to daily styling of your hair and so hair breakage at the crown is most likely to happen than on any other areas of your head. At the crown, the strands of hair have a lot of stress and are very brittle and dry so hair breakage is the most common if you are struggling with this then you are not alone most women face this. In this article, we will cover the causes of  hair breakage at the crown, how to hide hair breakage, and how to fix hair breakage at the crown

Why is My Hair Breaking At The Crown: Causes

Parting Your Hair

The way you are combing, parting your hair, and sectioning your hair may cause breakage of hair at the crown. Every time when you style your hair and split it into sections you are pulling your hair away from the crown this causes tension to be built up on the hair follicles and this constantly repeating process builds up and eventually leads to the breakage of hair.

The best way to fix this is to keep on periodically changing the way you part your hair by switching the sides and by using protective hairstyles for the same.

Tight Hairstyles

If you are one of those who likes to do hairstyles where you pull your hair back like hair buns and puffs or you go for ponytails which are tight then that may cause your hair breakage at the crown.  These tight hairstyles also cause constant tension in your hair follicles and will eventually lead to hair breakage at the crown.

The best way to fix this is to keep changing your hairstyles for the same

Dry hair & Lack of Moisture

Lack of moisture also causes breakage of hair at the crown so it is better to moisturize this area to avoid hair fall. Remember the crown area is part of the head that is most exposed so it is likely to get dry the most so moisture is more important here. If you shampoo that is alkaline in pH then it can cause dryness and frizziness  and lead to hair breakage.

Using too much heat During Styling

If you like to style your hair with tools like a blow dryer then the heat from these tools can also cause hair breakage at the crown as the heat from these tools can make the crown dry and susceptible to hair fall. if you use blow dryers then try to keep the temperature low and try to protect the root of your hair from the direct heat of the blow dryer.

Picking Hair for Volume

Some people try to pick and fluff the head near the crown for more hair volume even doing this will also lead to more hair breakage.

You should instead use your hands for fluffing or use a comb with wide tooths for the same

How to fix Hair Breakage at Crown

Protein Treatment or Deep Conditioning

If Dry Hair or lack of moisture is the reason for your hair breakage at the crown the best way to fix it is by using a deep conditioning or protein treatment for your hair which would help increase the moisture and revitalize your hair

Trimming or Cutting Your Hair

If you are having a lot of hair fall from your crown then the best approach is to trim or cut hair and remove all the split ends and broken strands of hair from your crown. When you cut or trim your hair you are also more likely to get healthy hair regrowing which may help with your problem

Massaging your Scalp

When you massage your scalp you are helping stimulate the flow of blood to your hair which will in turn lead to increasing the hair thickness and also promoting your hair growth. You can massage your hair at home or go to the spa for regular treatments. When massaging at home you can add ingredients that will help the moisture in your hair and even add essential oils like lavender or peppermint. If you are massaging your hair at home remember to separate your hair into smaller sections so that more strands of hair can get good moisture  from a massage

Satin Pillowcases over Cotton

Bedding material which is made out of cotton can be rough for your hair as it can cause your hair to get tangled or get dry. If it is possible you should swap your cotton pillowcases, hats or head wraps for satin ones. As a hack, you can wrap your hair in a silk wrap, bonnets, or do-rags when going to sleep and they can help you especially if you are someone who tosses and moves around the bed in their sleep.

Change how you Detangle your hair

Detangling is a very important part of caring for your hair but you have to be patient in the process else it will lead to hair loss at the crown. When you detangle your hair be more patient if there is too much pulling or tugging your hair then in that process, you are actually causing harm to the hair of your crown. It is suggested that the best way to detangle your hair is to separate your hair into separate sections and work on each section and go from the end of your hair to the scalp.  You can also use a detangling spray or a conditioner or a tool to help ease the process.

Change the way you are Parting your hair

If you always part your hair in a certain way and you are seeing hair breakage at the crown then switch the direction of your parting occasionally. Mixing things up will loosen the stress on the hair at the crown

Change your Hairstyle

If you have hair breakage issues change your hairstyles don’t go for pulled-up hairstyles and see if it is possible for you to wear your hair down naturally or go for hairstyles where you don’t pull your hair up so much.

Porosity at the Crown Area of the Hair

The Crown Area of the hair has different porosity than the rest of your hair because it is the most exposed part of your head and thus gets exposed to daily heat from the sun more so than the rest of your hair.

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