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What shade of blonde is right for me : How to Choose what suits you

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What shade of blonde is right for me

One of the most common questions that a person has after deciding to go blonde is What shade of blonde is right for me. Deciding what shade of blonde is right for you depends on your skin tone, depth of eye color, and the amount of maintenance that you want. Don’t go for a shade of blonde you love go for a shade that suits you based on the factors that we list below

How to Find Your Skin Tone

To determine what shade of blonde is right for you first figure out whether your skin tone is warm or cold. To find your skin tone you will have to look at the veins that are present on your wrists if you see mostly purple or blue veins then you have cool skin undertones and if you see green veins then you have warm skin undertone. If you see both blue and green veins then you have neutral skin tones which are best because then you can try both warm and cold undertone options.

There is another way to determine your skin tones in this you ensure that your hair is tied back and you have draped a white towel over your neck and shoulders now you look at your skin and if your skin looks yellow then you have warm undertones or if your skin looks slightly red then you have cool undertones and a mix that means neutral undertones.

What shade of blonde is right for me as per Skin Tones

Cool Skin Undertones

For those with cool skin undertones, the right blonde shade to choose is from baby blonde shades, natural shades, ash or cool beige shade, and Extra Light, or Platinum shades. The shades to be avoided for cool skin undertones are those with yellow tones to prevent them from clashing with your skin undertone

Do note that if you have a cool skin undertone then you will also have a pinkish or peach hue and fair and light skin and have green or light blue eye colors you will also find that your skin will be harder to tan.

Warm Skin Undertones

For those with warm skin undertones, the right blonde shade to choose is from Chocolate Blonde, Honey, Butter Chestnut and Caramel Shade, Golden Shade, Auburn, and Copper  shade

Also note that if you have a warm skin undertone then have a warm, bronzed, or olive skin type or occasionally pale love skin type and that you will have  hazel, brown, or golden brown, and occasionally green eyes

Medium or Neutral Skin Undertones

If you have a neutral skin undertone then you should choose medium shades of blonde like dirty or ash blonde be careful and avoid brighter shades of blonde as they may look unnatural on you.

Wheatish Skin Undertones

For wheatish skin undertones, blonde hair can give a washed-out look to avoid that you should choose a shade like ash blonde or Malibu and use some platinum highlights

Tawny Skin Undertones

For tawny  skin undertones, blonde hair is a very bold choice so choose shades that stand out you should choose a shade like diamond blonde, pearl blonde, medium champagne, and light golden shade of blonde

Tanned Skin Undertones

If you have tanned skin undertones somewhere between medium and dark brown go for shades that have a mix of both light and dark hues.

What shade of blonde is right for me as per Maintenance Type

If you change your natural hair color then you will also need maintenance through regular visits to the colorist and you should choose your shade based on how much care and maintenance are you willing to commit to. If you choose a color like full platinum blonde you will have to visit your colorist way more than if you choose balayage

so here is the full list of blonde shades as per maintenance types.

Low maintenance  Blondes Colors Shades

Balayage, Blonde with root shadow or ombre, and Foilyage are shades of  blonde colors that need low maintenance

High maintenance  Blondes Colors Shades

Full platinum, Icy Blonde, and Babylights Blonde are shades of blonde colors that need medium to high maintenance.

What shade of blonde is right for me as per Eye Color

When choosing the shade of blonde as per your color it all depends on the kind of contrast you want to create. If you have lighter eye colors go for soft shades that are tonal while if you have darker eye colors go for richer deeper shades of blonde.

Will I look good with blonde hair?

Blonde hair can really look good on some women while it looks really bad on others. Will you look good with blonde hair that only depends on your skin tone cool and fair skin tones usually look good in it while dark and olive skin tones have to struggle to find the right shade to look good with it. If you are a brunette and trying to change your hair color then you will need to bleach your hair and if you are going for a strong shade of blonde you will need to bleach your hair as much as 4 times to get your color this may cause damage to your hair so be careful about it.

Blonde Hair Ideas for Your Skin Tones

Here are some blonde hair ideas for your skin tones along with the celebrity who has tried them

  1. Cool Platinum Shade- Lady Gaga- Bronze skin.
  2. Honey Blonde- Serena Williams -Dark Skin.
  3. Platinum Yellow Blonde Shade – Billie Eilish- Fair Skin.
  4. Pale Blonde – Sophie Turner-Warm undertone
  5. Pale Blonde Shade – Nichole Kidman – Warm undertone
  6. Dark Blonde Shade -Miley Cyrus
  7. Golden Blonde Shade- Scarlett Johansson
  8. Caramel Blonde – Bella Hadid.
  9. Creamy Platinum Shade – Anna Taylor Joy.
  10. Golden Ombre Shade- Jenifer Lopez

Care & Maintenance needed with blonde hair?

You will definitely need a good amount of maintenance to care for your blonde hair you will need a purple shampoo as well as a conditioner and do weekly deep conditioning and that will help maintain the color of the blonde shade between two coloring sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I go Warm or Cool Blonde?

Golden or Warmer Blonde Colors work best for those who have pale skin while cool blonde works best for those who have darker or olive skin.

Will having blonde hair make me look washed out?

If your colorist has overly lightened the color then it can lead to washed out look this can especially happen if you have chosen natural blonde and the colorist goes a little lighter. The best way to fix this is to ask your colorist to ensure that your base color is darkened.

What is mushroom blonde hair?

A Mixture of ash blonde and ash brown shades leads to mushroom blonde shade hair it is a cooler toned down shade.

Does blonde make you look older or younger?

Blonde hair especially having warm Blonde shades  like caramel, gold , honey and strawberry will definitely make you look younger

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