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21 Tricks & Remedies How to Grow Hair Faster Naturally

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Hair is very important part of our personality and good looking and healthy hairs not just enhance our personality but also play very important part of the cooling system of our body.

Now a days due to our hectic lifestyle  like many health problem our hair also faces fall, hair damage, frizzy hair and dandruff is a  common problem which every women  faces. and these little problems can lead to baldness in long term.

With little concern and little care we can help our hair to get rid of these problem and also have good and healthy hairs.

Here are some home care tricks and remedies how to grow hair faster naturally.

  1. Trim your hair – As we all know hairs grow form roots so why should you cut your hair for faster growth ? This is because of split hair If your hair have splits  than splits  will stop your growth because splits are like dead end . Splits prevents your hair from  breathing  and so it is necessary to get rid of it for a faster hair growth . Trim 1/4th of inch hair in every 10 – 12 weeks and it will give you great results in terms of hair growth. Never prick your split ends as it can give you other hair problems.
  2.  Don’t over wash your hairs – Cleaning is a good habit as we all know  but at the same time over doing any thing is not good. Similarly with your hairs don’t wash your hair every time you  take a shower as  it can dry your scalp and result in hair fall. If you use  shampoo a lot it can wash all your natural oils and kill your hair softness. For best results shampoo your hair only twice in a week and not more then that.
  3. Eat healthy – Every problem  that we face in our body is related to what we eat. Good eating habit not just make you healthy but  it can also add to your beauty.For good and healthy hair you should eat a balanced diet . So your diet should always contain Vitamin B12, zinc, iron and calcium as they prevent hair loss.You know that our hair is composed of “keratin”- a protein. so you should eat protein rich diet such as soybean, cheese, milk, fish, chicken etc. and try to avoid junk food . .
  4. Drink lots of water -Our hairs are made of two important components one is protein and other is water. Our hair is made up of 95% of protein and 5% is water but this 5% of water plays very crucial job in hair growth so don’t avoid water. Drink 10- 12 glass of water daily which will give a shine to your hair as well as help you have  faster hair growth.
  5. Use right comb – Combing you hair for hair growth is very important Comb your hair 50 to 60 times in a day it will help you improves blood circulation but remember and don’t be harsh on your hair comb it gently. You should also use right comb especially ones which have big teeth proper combing prevent hair from breaking.
  6. Less use of hair iron and blow dry-Using  blow dry and straightening  hair every single day can weaken your hair roots and can result hair fall it could be a obstacle in fast hair growth.
  7. Avoid styling product for fast growth– Every one wants to look stylish but some time you have to pay heavy cost for styling your hair . Most of the styling products contains silicon and silicon works as a slow poison for your hair and it can cause hair fall, frizzy hair, dry hair and it can cause hair growth to stop.
  8. Natural product is key for hair growth- Always use natural products as they are good for hairs.Whenever possible, make sure you use your own homemade natural products  as natural products don’t have any side effects .
  9. Conditioner is not for scalp-Conditioner is usually very good for hair as  it can prevent from frizzy and messy hair but before applying conditioners remember conditioner is for hair and not for scalp  don’t massage your scalp with conditioner as it can result in you having dandruff and hair fall issues and this can cause your hair growth to stop
  10. Protect from direct sunlight- If you are looking for faster hair growth than try and protect your hair from direct sunlight. Exposure  of direct sunlight can result in hair splits and splits can immediately stop your hair growth. So whenever you are going to outdoor or facing direct exposure  of sunlight try and wear a hat or scarf
  11. Don’t use brush when your hair is wet- Brushing your hair is necessary for hair growth but when your hair are wet then they are more fragile and most vulnerable and most likely to break off. Now i know what is in your mind  “What about when they do it at the salon every time I go in for a haircut?” but this is only time you can’t escape brushing your hair wet because they have to measure your length of hair but at home you can easily avoid this situation.
  12. Take  8 hours sleep-Do not forget to include 8 hours of sleep in your daily routine. Lack of sleep causes hair fall and other beauty problems. taking proper sleep can reduce many health problems as well so don’t forget to take eight hour beauty sleep.
  13. Avoid stress-Stress is enemy of good health so try to avoid stress and try to  have a good cool lifestyle so that you can avoid health problems as well. Stress is one of the reasons for hair fall and can cause your hair growth to stop.
  14. Tie your hair in right way-When you tie your hair into a tight ponytail or braid, the hair gets pulled from the roots and gets stressed. This makes them loose from the roots and thus, more prone to breakage. It makes the hair weak and thus causes permanent damage. Rubber bands also pull the hair out from the roots causing extensive damage to the mane which cause hair to become weak and hurts the scalp.
  15.  Wash your hair with cold water –If you really want your hair to grow faster than wash your hair with cold or room temperature water but do not wash with warm or hot water.Cold water lays down the outer layer of hair more smoothly, which helps prevent moisture loss and heat can damage.

Home Remedies for faster Hair Growth

  1. Hot oil massage – Massage always give you relaxing feeling . Hot oil massage is blessing for your hair  as massaging not only improves blood circulation till hair roots but also encourages your hair growth.
  2. Egg for faster growth-As we know our hairs are made of 95 % of protein. Eggs are rich of protein and eating or applying eggs on hair both will give you good result. Any way eggs whites are known for their healing ability so grab a egg crack it apart apply yellow part of egg  on your hair  and thereby ensure that you have a healthy hair.
  3. Take steam for hairs-Steam will help you by cleansing your hair scalp  and steam will clean your pores helping your hair growth .
  4. Take Biotin -Biotin is  an  effective way to make your hair growth faster. Biotin is basically a vitamin B that is present in foods like eggs, soy, whole grains, and liver. So, eat a biotin rich diet and if  you are looking for faster result then you can also take a biotin supplement. But before taking supplements consult the doctor.
  5. Use essential oil- Essential oils can really accelerate your hair growth . You just need to mix three drops of lavender oil, three drops of rosemary oil, and two drops each of thyme oil and cedarwood oil, along with some jojoba oil. apply this mixture on your hair once in a week and you will see the difference .
  6. Choose Right Pillow Cover- You will be surprised to hear how pillow cover is related to hair growth but it is true. You should not sleep on the rough surface because it can damage your hair and could be a reason for splits in your hair and as previously mentioned splits can prevent your hair from growing. Avoid using Cotton Pillow covers and use silk pillow covers. One more benefit of silk pillow cover is that it also prevents your skin from having wrinkles.

Try the above tricks for hair growth and let us know in comments section or any other trick or home remedy which can be beneficial for hair growth .

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