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Can You Wash Your Hair After a Perm, How Long After : 24 , 36 or 48 Hours ?

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It is very important to know that you cannot immediately wash your hair after perming otherwise all your curls will be lost in this article we answer How long after a perm can you wash your hair and what happens if you wash your hair after a perm early.

How long after a perm can you wash your hair with shampoo?

It is ideally suggested that you wait at least 48 hours i.e. 2 days after perming to be safe to wash your hair, though it depends on your hair type. Most hairstylists suggest that you wait for somewhere between 36 to 72 hours before washing your hair. If you wash your hair before 48 hours you may end up breaking your perm and making your hair frizzy.

Can You Wet Your Hair After a Perm?

If you just wet your hair after a perm that should be fine but you should not wash your hair with shampoo for at least 48 hours after perming and especially not immediately after perming. When Showering after perming make sure that you wear a shower cap and avoid steaming hot showers until 48 hours.

What will happen if I wash my hair 36 hours after a perm?

When you wash your hair anytime before 48 hours you have a chance that you can damage the curls and turn your hair frizzy though for some hair types 36 hours is enough to get your hair set but it is always safer to wait 48 hours at least.

What happens if you wash your hair after a perm Early?

If you wash your hair after a perm early before 48 hours you will end up breaking the perm and also making your hair very frizzy.

Perm Breaks

When you get your hair permed you apply a lot of chemicals namely ammonium thioglycolate to turn your hair from straight to curly by breaking the disulfate bonds present in your hair changing the hair protein keratin present in your hair.  These chemicals continue to act on your hair even after you come back from your perming session and it takes 2 to 3  days (or 48 hours to 72 hours) for the structure and texture of your hair to solidify. Washing your hair before 48 hours can cause water and shampoo to act on these chemicals and completely break the perm with the result being that your hair will go back to its original texture and you will have uneven and loose curls.

Intense Frizziness

Your hair is at its most delicate after perming and if you wash your hair in this state you will have to undergo the most intense frizziness in your hair. Your Hair cuticles which serve as a layer of protection for your hair are the reasons your hair can look smooth or look frizzy. During perming your hair the chemicals used tend to damage your hair cuticles and after perming it takes 2 to 3 days for hair cuticles to be rebuilt and get over the damage. During this period if you add moisture to your hair by washing it will increase the damage to your hair cuticles and you will only end up with frizzy and untidy hair with your hair strands sticking out.

I washed my hair 24 hours after Perm How to Fix it?

Ideally, you should wait for 48 hours before washing your hair however if you have washed your hair in just 24 hours without letting your hair set and you have ruined your perm you should not worry there are multiple ways to fix your perm temporarily.

Use Flexi Rods Without Heat.

You can use flexi rods without heat along with cream for moisturizing to fix your curls temporarily. These are temporary curls and you will have to keep repeating this method until you get your hair permed again.

Use Roller Sets Without Heat

Within the first 72 hours or 3 days of getting your curls, you can use roller sets without heat along with cream for moisturizing to redefine your curls temporarily. You will have to keep repeating this method until you are ready to go to a stylist to get your perms done again

Use Curling Wands

If it is a hair emergency and you just need the curls for 1 day you can use curling wands to curl your hair but do note that heat application is not recommended on your curls and applying heat will end up causing a lot of damage to your hair.

These all are emergency methods to fix your curls temporarily its important to note that heat-free methods are not recommended on your hair for 72 hours and methods involving heat not for at least 2 weeks.

Shampooing Permed Hair

The perming process will make your hair dry and you will need to add more moisture to your hair so in this case use a shampoo as well as any conditioners that are specifically made for curly or wavy hair. In fact for a couple of days after perming instead of rinsing your hair you can just use a dry shampoo.

Moisturizing Permed Hair

You really would need to moisturize your hair after perming and no matter how many times you take a bath moisture retention will become a problem after perming. In order to keep your permed hair moisturized you would need to add hair masks and some hair products meant for hydration into your hair care routine.

Caring Tips to Maintain Permed Hair

  1. Make sure to always buy and use hair products that are recommended for permed hair
  2. Don’t overdo shampooing your hair try to keep shampooing to once a week as too much shampooing can remove oils from your hair.
  3. Sometimes you can completely skip the shampoo and just use conditioner on your hair.
  4. Don’t Brush your hair when it is wet as that may cause breakage of hair.

Questions & Dos and Don’ts

Is it true that Permed Hair Leads to Damage

Yes it is true anytime that you are perming your hair it will lead to hair damage

Shampooing Your Hair Before Perm

You should shampoo your hair before perm and most of the time your perming at the salon will begin by shampooing of hair.

Combing Hair After Perm

For 2 to 3 days after getting a perm done avoid combing your hair and for detangling your hair use your fingers instead of a comb.

Things to Avoid After Perm

You should not wash or shampoo your hair for 48 hours after getting a perm, don’t dye your hair for a week after getting a perm done, and don’t use a hair styling tool having heat for at least 72 hours ( for best results avoid heat styling for  2 weeks)

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