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How to Apply Purple Dye on Dark (Black, Brown) Hair Without Bleaching

Purple Dye on Black Hair

If you want to stand out by coloring your dark hair all you have to do is dye your hair purple you will attract attention. You can try any shade of purple color be it balayage, pastel purple or dark purple, or deep and dusty purple your hair will look unique. Dark color hair means jet black hair or deep brown hair

Can you color Black hair Purple Without Bleaching?

Yes, you can dye your dark hair purple without bleaching it as many brands now have colors that do not require hair to be bleached for getting good results. However, if you have dark hair all the shades of purple cannot be achieved without bleaching especially if you are looking for pastel colors pinkish purple or mauve purple that require bleaching.  If you are looking to dye your dark hair (black or jet brown) to purple without bleaching choose darker shades of purple that are at the same levels as your color or darker.  To achieve purple color without bleaching you will also have to follow the right kind of method for coloring so let us see what colors can be achieved and what is the method to be followed.

Select The Right Dye to get Purple  hair without bleaching

As a first step, you will have to select the right dye to get purple hair you can choose from

Permanent Hair Dye

These hair dyes work as they contain ammonia which does the job of bleaching or lightening the hair and allows the color to go on your hair. The problem with these hair colors is again that ammonia will cause dryness in your hair and will also cause damage to your hair. When Choosing for dark hair the problem is that these permanent hair colors only go down 2 or 3 shades so you can only go for darker shades of purple. Permanent hair colors stay longer and go from 5 to 40  shampoo washes

Semi-permanent Hair Dyes

Semi-permanent hair colors do not contain ammonia and are not as damaging to hair and also do not go deeper into the hair however on the other hand, they also don’t lighten your dark hair and also do not stay on your hair for a long time. If you choose Semi-permanent hair colors you can only do 3 to 6 washes with shampoo for your hair before the color comes off. However, if you don’t have hair that is too porous then this kind of dye can stay for longer as low-porosity hair holds color longer than hair that is too porous. This is an option for those who are looking for a way to ensure that color does less damage to their hair

Demi-permanent Hair Dyes

When you use demi-permanent hair dyes than they contain an alkaline agent instead of ammonia. These hair colors also need to be mixed with a developer solution in order for them to penetrate the hair color into your hair. Demi-permanent hair dyes again don’t lighten your hair which ensures a uniform finish. Overall demi-permanent dyes also last longer than other dyes around 20 to 28 washes by shampoo and also cause the least damage to your hair.

If you want to dye your dark hair without bleaching and want the least damage you should choose demi permanent hair dyes or semi-permanent hair dyes but the problem would be you can only dye your hair in colors darker or in the same shade as your natural color.

You can choose permanent hair dyes to dye your dark hair without bleaching and it would allow you to go around 2 to 3 shades lighter than your natural hair but would lead to more hair damage in the longer term.

Things Needed

First Collect these things before your start applying hair color

  1. Shampoo that is clarifying
  2. Conditioner that is hydrating
  3. Coloring dye whether permanent or semi-permanent or demi-permanent
  4. Disposable gloves
  5. Clips
  6. Shower Cap
  7. Old Clothes like T-shirts
  8. Bowls or plastic containers
  9. A Clock to track time

How to Apply Purple Dye on Black Hair Without Bleaching Step by Step

Step 1: Select a Shade of Purple

Choose a shade of purple that works with your black hair color our suggestion is darker shades of purple as it will help if you are not bleaching your hair while picking the shade make sure that it also works with your skin tone.

Step 2: Prepare your hair

Make sure that you have washed your hair thoroughly at least a couple of days before coloring your hair and don’t work with freshly washed hair. If you have washed your hair at least 2 days before it will allow the oils in your hair to be retained better and ensure that you face less damage to your hair.

Step 3: Section Your Hair

Put on your old clothes and Part your hair into multiple sections at least 4 so that it is easier to apply the color and put clips on them.

Step 4: Prepare the Product

Follow the instructions on your package if it is meant for directly applying to your hair take it out in a bowl or plastic container otherwise, if it is meant to be mixed first then mix it with developer solution in the ratio as per your instructions in a bowl

Step 5: Apply the Color

Apply the mixture to all parts of your hair going from the bottom sections to the top to make sure that your hair is completely covered in color. Check it in a mirror

Step 6: Wait for the Color to settle

After applying the mixture put on the shower cap and let the color settle for 20 to 30 minutes follow the time given as per your instructions on the package.

Step 7: Wash and condition your hair

Wash your hair in cold water and condition your hair

Step 8: Dry your hair

Dry your hair naturally do not use a heat product like a blow dryer on it

Caring Tips

Before Applying Dye to your hair always do a patch test on a small part to check for any allergic reactions to the dye by applying and leaving it for a while before applying it to complete the hair

To prevent moisture loss during the hair drying session it is better to do a deep conditioning treatment before

After coloring your hair use a shampoo and conditioner which is made especially for color-treated hair

Always wash your colored hair in cold water and also avoid too many shampoo washes since there’s a limited number of washes that your color-treated hair can take.

Avoid going swimming as chlorine and other chemicals in the pool can affect your colored hair. If going swimming with colored hair try to keep your hair out of the water or put on a shower cap.

Try to avoid direct sun exposure with colored hair because of the harmful effects of UV rays you can cover your hair with scarves when in the sun.

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