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What is Hair Grease , How to Use & Is Grease Good for Natural Hair

Hair Grease , How to Use & Is Grease Good for Natural Hair

Hair Grease for natural hair is an old school favorite that has again gained traction in the natural hair community in this article we cover all about hair grease, whether  it is good, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to use and remove it from the hair

What is Hair Grease

Hair grease is a mixture of mineral oil and petroleum jelly combined differently in various formulations. Hair grease is used primarily to seal and thus reduce moisture loss from hair and is very useful for those having highly porous hair especially curly type 4 hair which loses its moisture faster than other hair types. However, petroleum jelly and mineral oil have been previously flagged for increasing chances of clogging the hair follicles in the scalp leading to hair fall so it is not recommended for all hair types.

Is Grease Good for Natural Hair

Hair Grease is very useful for those having very porous hair or those having a scalp that is dry or itchy but is not so useful for others. On one hand, it will make your hair look shinier, reduce itchiness and help retain moisture but on the other hand, it has its disadvantages like clogging hair follicles in the scalp, reducing the growth of the hair, and affecting the health of the hair. So the answer to the question is grease good for natural hair is maybe it is for some people but not so for others look at all its advantages and disadvantages below and take a call for yourself.

Hair Grease Advantages

Seals Moisture in Your Hair

Though hair grease will not add any moisture to your hair it will help seal the moisture so that your hair doesn’t lose any moisture. This itself makes it very helpful, especially for those who have very porous hair i.e type 4 hair. You should shampoo your hair and then condition it and after that apply hair grease on it to seal the moisture and thus improve hair strength and softness.

Helps Dry and Itchy Scalp

If you are feeling that your scalp is itchy dry or flakey then you should apply hair grease it will help reduce the irritation though it will not cure the problem make sure that the scalp is wet before you apply hair grease on it. Hair grease doesn’t cure dandruff or dry scalp or flakes but it will just reduce the appearance of the flakes and give you temporary relief.

Use Hair Grease as a Barrier

You can use hair grease to protect your hair from damage from chemicals as it acts as a barrier this is especially useful if you are going swimming as you can apply hair grease and protect your hair from the harmful effects of the chlorine present in the swimming pool.

Reduce Frizz & Add Sheen

If you add hair grease to your hair then it will make your hair shiny by adding sheen to it and will also help reduce frizz even if your hair was very unruly before that. Just make sure that you make your hair wet and then apply hair grease also take care to apply a small quantity only as hair grease is very heavy.

Protects Hair Ends

Hair grease protects hair ends from dryness and breakages as it works to seal the moisture and will this way help you hair length retention also since curly hair is more likely than others to have a problem with dryness. Just ensure that you only apply a small quantity of hair grease.

Hair Grease Disadvantages

Can Lead to Hairfall

Hair grease contains petroleum jelly and mineral oil which is known to lead to the clogging of hair follicles which in turn may lead to a building up in the scalp which will cause hair fall.

Can Cause Dryness and Hair Breakage

Hair Grease sits on the top so when you add other products to your hair after putting hair grease they will not be able to penetrate the hair thus reducing your ability to add moisture causing your hair to become fragile, dry, and also break. Hair Grease also usually attracts all dust and dirt so it’s best to do regular shampooing and conditioning when using hair grease.

Make scalp itchy and smelly

If you are one of those who are prone to sweating then hair grease may lead to a scalp that is itchy and smelly gain regular shampooing and conditioning with hair grease is important.

Make your Hair heavy

Hair grease is a heavy product and if you have fine hair or hair that is low in porosity you will end up with dull hair because hair grease will build up in your hair.

How to Use  Hair Grease : Dos and Don’ts

Always ensure that your hair strands and scalp is wet before applying hair grease as water as hair grease is a heavy product and it does not have  any moisturizing  property

Hair Grease should be the last product that you apply to your hair so make sure that you shampoo and condition your hair and then apply hair grease to your wet or damp hair

Make sure that you apply hair grease in small quantities even though you might be having thick and dense hair just a dollop of hair grease would be enough for your hair.

After greasing your hair make sure if you are going to style your hair use a blow dryer or hair styling tools at their lowest possible heat settings.

If you are putting hair grease on your hair don’t keep it for a long time wash it with shampoo and condition your hair at least once a week.

You can also use hair grease as an edge control to control the baby hairs along your hairline pretty much in the same way as shea butter or Jamaican oil or other oils are used

Removing Hair Grease from Hair

First, wash your hair completely with a clarifying shampoo it cannot be mild or gentle shampoo as they cannot remove hair grease. Make sure that you are massaging the hair and scalp well so that hair grease is removed.

After shampooing place a deep conditioner on your hair and leave it for at least 10 to 15 minutes

remove the excess water on your hair and apply an oil or moisturizer on your hair

You can repeat the clarifying shampoo once in 2 weeks if you are using hair grease on your hair once very week.

Styling Your Hair Using Hair Grease

You can use hair grease for styling your hair by doing a wash and go in which you can get natural curls using hair grease or you can use hair grease to style your hair in a twist out. A twist out is a style in which you create ringlets that are springy and can hold for at least a week.

How Often Can You Apply Hair Grease to Your Hair?

Hair Grease should always be used in moderation take care not to use it more than once a week and if you have chronically dry hair then twice a week. Do take care to remove hair grease with a washing and shampooing session consistently to prevent product buildup in your hair.

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