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Can You Bleach Gray Hair & How to Bleach Grey hair at Home Correctly

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Bleach Gray Hair

With age, you will find that your hair is turning gray and you initially will start dying the gray hair to cover them but then slowly it starts getting harder to cover them at the roots as hair starts growing out and your roots start showing gray. Bleaching  gray hair and coloring your hair into other colors like blonde is the solution at this point

Can You Bleach Gray Hair

Yes, you can bleach gray hair and either turn it white or remove existing dye from the hair. There are two kinds of gray hair, firstly grey hair that is actually dyed grey, and second, gray hair that is actually white. If you apply bleach to grey hair that is dyed then it can help remove dye from your hair but if you apply it to white hair the hair will stay white only. Bleaching Gray hair will lead to yellow color

If the shade of gray dye is darker than your natural hair color then bleaching is recommended also. You should also try to move to a lighter dye rather than using a darker shade dye so that it suits grey hair by coloring your gray hair into shades like brown or platinum blonde depending on your natural hair colors.

Gray Hair that is white has lost all its pigments so that there is nothing left to lighten so the hair will stay white. With grey hair that is actually grey if you apply bleach, you can achieve light brown or blonde colors in warm shades by coloring it.

Which color will gray hair turn when bleach is applied?

When you use bleach on gray hair it will turn yellow as it will remove the darker melanin from the hair while leaving the lighter melanin which is responsible for the blonde color. Usually, it will not show any visible difference though the mixture will help lighten the hair that is dark. Bleaching can help you get either a uniform blonde look or if you leave the mix for too long then a white look. If you have dyed your hair then you should shift to a lighter shade before bleaching.

Bleaching Gray Hair to White

If you leave the bleaching mixture on the gray hair for a long time it will turn white though it is not guaranteed and results can be unpredictable. Leaving the bleaching mixture too long on your hair can also lead to brittleness and dryness so it is better to use a purple toning shampoo to make your gray hair look whiter.

How to Bleach Gray Hair at Home Correctly Step by Step

First, collect all the materials you will need to bleach gray hair you will Bleaching Powder, developer, gloves, a brush for applying, a shower cap, and an old dress.

Before starting it is preferable to do a patch test on a small part of the hair to check and see if you are not allergic to the bleach. For the patch test put the material on a small part of the hair and wait for 24 hours to see any allergic reaction if there are no issues continue with the bleaching process below.

Step 1: Make a Mixture with a Bleaching Powder and developer ideal ratio is 1 part bleaching mixture and 2 parts developer but you should follow the instructions that are given on your packaging. To ensure that bleach doesn’t dry out your hair you can add a little bit of coconut oil to the mixture to counter it.

Step 2:  Part your hair into 4 sections in order to make it easier to apply bleach

Step 3: Apply the Bleaching Mixture to your hair using a brush ensuring that you apply it evenly to all parts of your hair

Step 4: Put on a shower cap and let the mixture dry for some time a shower cap will ensure that heat is retained and bleach will be more effective in lightening your hair

Step 5:  Wait for at least 20 minutes and then check on the section if your hair has been bleached correctly

Step 6: Rinse your hair preferably with lukewarm or cold water and use a mild shampoo afterward condition your hair with a conditioner.

Can you bleach grey hair blonde?

Yes, you can bleach your gray hair blonde. If your hair is not completely gray use bleach to remove your natural color and then after rinsing out the bleach you can apply a permanent blonde dye or use a toning shampoo to turn your gray hair blonde. If you have less than 25% gray hair and you just need touch-ups you should use a semi-permanent dye while if you have more than 25% gray hair then you should use a permanent dye for the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does bleach work on grey hair?

Yes, Bleach works on gray hair you can lighten the hair and also color it into any other shade that you want.

Is it hard to dye over grey hair?

Grey hair has much fewer natural oils and it is coarser as compared to younger hair so when you try to dye gray hair it will be more resistant to taking color, especially near the roots so it is harder to dye over grey hair.

Can gray hair be dyed blonde?

Yes Gray hair can be dyed into platinum blonde shades, black or  medium brown shades

What is the best color to dye gray hair?

The best color to dye gray hair are platinum blonde, soft blonde, brown, copper, or caramel blonde

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