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Soft Girl Makeup Look Step by Step Tutorial & Ideas

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Soft Girl Makeup Look

Every once in a while “soft girl makeup look” and #softgirlchallenge trends on social media whether on TikTok or Instagram, in these videos you will see people transform themselves by changing their makeup from a grungy look to a dewy and fresh look. This soft girl makeup look is made up of a youthful, ultra-feminine, girly combination of pink and peach vibes. If you want to get the soft girl makeup look all you need is very over-the-top glossy lips, pink and peach blushes, and some faux freckles. It is also very flexible you can get that look with any shade of your peach and pink blushes and lip gloss.

So if you have seen a lot of these videos and want to do the soft girl makeup look for yourself we will help you out with this tutorial and ideas

What is Soft Girl Makeup Look?

Soft girl makeup look is a look that is defined by getting a look that is a very cute and feminine look using pink and peach pastels blushes, glossy lips, and faux freckles. Soft girl makeup consists of making your cheeks look rosy, having eyelashes that are fluffy, lips that are glossy, and having bright eyes to achieve that you have to dab a lot of peach and pink blushes onto your cheeks and get a lot of gloss put on your lips. You can add faux freckles to that and get an even more soft or girly innocent look. If you have these basics in place you can change and adapt this makeup look even for a more everyday look

How to Do Soft Girl Makeup Look Step by Step?

Step 1 Prepare your Skin by moisturizing

Start your makeup look like you do normally by preparing your skin if you have dry skin you should moisturize your face and if you have oily skin you can use a primer and if you have combination skin then yous should be using sunscreen.

Step 2 Add Foundation to Your Face

You can choose any foundation of your choice or you can skip it altogether it is your choice as this step is just optional. If you are one of those who like full coverage you should go for that otherwise if you like your natural skin you can go for sheer formula or skip foundation completely it will not affect the soft girl makeup as that is more about the accessories.

Step 3 Add  Color Corrector For Eyes

An important part of this trend is eyes that are youthful, awake looking, and bright-eyed so to achieve that you will have to brighten your eyes using a color corrector in case you have dark circles under your eyes as a lot of people do. You can choose a color corrector that is a few shades lighter than your foundation in order to brighten your eyes If you have a darker skin tone then a concealer that is coral or red shade might work best for you otherwise generally a peach to red color concealer works best for most people.

Step 4 Add Peach or Baby Pink Blush

For a soft girl makeup look adding a peach or pink blush remains the key you can choose from any of the blushes you want on the trend in TikTok or Instagram you will see a lot of artistic varieties you can choose fancy blushes or choose an everyday blush it is up to you. When applying the blush make sure you take a small amount and that you try to create a lifting effect on your cheeks by blending the blush with your hands outwards and upwards. To stand out you can also add a powder blush on top of  your liquid blush  as there are no strict rules to follow

Step 5 Highlight The Face

Add a little bit of liquid highlighter onto your cheekbones, nose tip and eyelids, and other main features of your face so as to help create the soft and sweet girl look. Use a tapered brush and make sure that you blend the highlighter so that your face doesn’t look made up.

Step 6 Add Eye makeup

Eyelashes are the second most important part of the soft girl look after blushes you can go for either a shimmery or matte eye makeup but ensure that your eyes look bright as that is the key part of the soft girl makeup. To make your eyes look bright you can apply light shimmers around your eyes and also apply pink shade to your eyelids it’s up to you whether you want to apply or not apply eyeshadow to your look. You can also add liquid eyeliner if you want to sharpen your eyes but preferably as it is a soft girl look less is better.

Step 7 Add Lipstick

You should add pink nude lipstick which usually works for most skin if not you can choose anything which suits your skin type.

Step 8 Add Pink Gloss

For this #softgirlmakeup trend glossy lips are necessary so add peachy pink or nude pink or any other shade that works for you

Step 9 Add Hair Accessories

These are optional for this trend but you can add some fun hair accessories be it knotted hair bands or barrette there is no strict rules you can add anything you like.

Step 10 Add Freckles

All those who show tutorials for #softgirlmakeup  will suggest you draw freckles with eyebrow pencils or if you have natural freckles then try to enhance them to try and appear youthful but this is up to you if you don’t like freckles you can easily skip this step

After these 10 steps you are now officially a soft girl now you can try and set the look with one of those makeup setup mists that are present in the market and then you are good to go.

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