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30 Mermaid Hair Color Ideas with Pictures & How to Get Mermaid Hair

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mermaid hair color ideas

The Mermaid hair is a hair color trend seen on Instagram in which you merge two or more pastel colors or vivid colors into luscious long waves of hair. Mostly  you will see in this #mermaidhair challenge multiple hair colors that all bleed into one another

If you are following this trend it will work better if you have long hair as you can show the change of color better. To style your hair you can go with either soft hair curls or big waves to display your shades of color.

30 Mermaid Hair Color Ideas

  1. Blue Ocean

    Blue Ocean Mermaid Hair

    With Blue Colors that come out of the ocean, this style is best suited for the mermaid  hair look

  2. Gray Mermaid

    Gray Mermaid Hair

    The gray color is always in fashion and when you combine it with mermaid style you get this wonderful look

  3. Marine Waves

    Marine Waves Mermaid Hair

    If you love blue and aqua colors in mermaid style there is nothing better that you can get than this hairstyle

  4. Ruby Mermaid

    Ruby Mermaid Hair

    Combine ruby colors peach and pink with the mermaid style and you get this hairstyle

  5. Ocean Depths

    Ocean Depths Mermaid Hair

    Combine Deep Blue color with aqua and you get this wonderful example of mermaid style.

  6. Silver Mermaid

    Silver Mermaid Hair

    This mermaid hairstyle is best  suited for women having medium length hair

  7. Sea Green Mermaid

    Sea Green Mermaid hair

    This hairstyle is a great choice if you are not looking to lighten your color too much as it is perfect sea-green look

  8. Queen mermaid

    Queen mermaid hair

    Combine aqua blue with a dash of purple and you get this wonderful hairstyle

  9. Ocean Waves

    Ocean Waves mermaid hair color ideas

    This one has a bunch of multicolored hues mixing purple and aqua colors and also highlights wavy hair

  10. Soft Colorful Waves

    Soft Colorful Waves mermaid hair color ideas

    A different look with the mermaid hair this hairstyle also highlights a soft wave

  11. Sterling Blue

    Sterling Blue mermaid hair color ideas

    If you are looking for a more metallic look with silvery and blue mixed hair in mermaid style than this is your option.

  12. Platinum Peekaboo Mermaid

    Platinum Peekaboo mermaid hair color ideas

    This is a great style with platinum hair with a peekaboo of ocean-inspired blue color coming out.

  13. Vibrant Mermaid

    Vibrant mermaid hair color ideas

    This look  is suited for long hairs  and is created with hair extensions for those who don’t have long hair

  14. Fishtail Marina Mermaid

    Fishtail Marina mermaid hair color ideas

    Subtly done this look uses fishtail braid to create the mermaid look.

  15. Goddess Mermaid

    mermaid hair color ideas

    The artist has created this goddess mermaid hair  the whole style is interesting though the look is not atypical mermaid hair  but is picture perfect

  16. Dream Wave

    Dream Wave mermaid hair color ideas

    The hair artist has used curls and multiple color hues to create this wonderful look

  17. Crowned  mermaid

    Pic Credit

    This look is inspired by a shell and has a perfectly chosen aqua hair color is adorned with wonderful seashell accessories what can be better than this style?

  18. Pink Mermaid

    Pink mermaid hair color ideas

    If you love pink and mermaid hair there can be nothing better than this look for you

  19. Golden Glory Mermaid

    Golden Glory mermaid hair color ideas

    This one is an offbeat choice with golden glory colors

  20. Small green wave

    Small green wave mermaid hair color ideas

    For a shorter hair this one is the best choice with small curls

  21. Soothing waves

    Soothing waves mermaid hair color ideas

    Another example of wavy mermaid hair

  22. Boho waves mermaid

    Boho waves mermaid hair color ideas

    An example of combining a boho look with mermaid hair

  23. Messy Mermaid Curls

    This look is definitely like the real-life Ariel from Disney’s Little Mermaid

  24. Red Raven mermaid curls

    Red and pink hair mix wonderfully in this raven and mermaid style inspired look

  25. Mermaid Grunge

    mermaid hair color ideas

    This is a perfect badass style showing off grunge with mermaid hair

  26. Midnight mermaid waves

    mermaid hair color ideas

    A Traditional long hairstyle with a mixture of aqua blue mermaid look

  27. Deep in ocean waves mermaid

    mermaid hair color ideas

    A Nice picture of the ocean waves

  28. Peekaboo Red Ocean

    mermaid hair color ideas

    Want to mermaid style with a difference then look out for this red peeking out hair style

  29. Peacock Mermaid Waves

    mermaid hair color ideas

    A mermaid who likes peacock  the hair color does says so

  30. Deep Purple Waves

    mermaid hair color ideas

    This beautiful vibrant purple hair makes you stand out

How to Choose Color Shade for Mermaid Hair

The mermaid hair allows you to combine multiple shades of hair color so you can find multiple combinations of green, blue, pink, and purple all being part of this #mermaidhair. Choose a color according to your skin undertones and combine this with nude lipstick and smokey eye makeup. If looking for offbeat choices you can also go with options such as rainbow color or coral color which are also considered part of the trend.

How to Dye Your Hair Into mermaid hair at home step by step

Things You Need

  • Bleaching Kit
  • Semi Permanent Hair Dye
  • Brush for Applying
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Bowls
  • Clips, Comb
  • Shampoo and conditioner

Lighten Your Hair Before Coloring

  • Make sure that you have washed your hair at least a couple of days before the lightening process so that oils in your hair are allowed to build up.
  • Detangle your hair using a brush to remove any knots.
  • Wear your disposable gloves and first make sure you apply the petroleum jelly all along the hairline.
  • Prepare the bleach mix by mixing the developer and the powder by following the instruction on your kit.
  • Part and section your hair then start applying bleach onto your hair so that it covers all the hair going from lower sections to upper ones
  • Leave the bleach on your hair for the time mentioned in your instruction kit
  • After the desired time take care and Wash your hair use a shampoo and conditioner
  • Keep on repeating this process until your hair is lighter for those having darker color hair like brunette or dark blonde multiple sessions will be needed if you have light blonde hair 1 session of lightening might work.

Color Your Hair

  • Once your hair is lightened you can pick and choose the multiple shades of mermaid hair color.
  • Work with hair that has been freshly washed.
  • Start by untangling your hair with a brush and then applying petroleum jelly all along your hairline.
  •  Take out hair dye and put it into multiple plastic bowls as mermaid hair requires multiple shades keep each hair dye in a separate bowl
  • Part your hair into sections and start applying the hair color to your hair that has already been lightened.
  • When coloring your hair you can apply different colors to your hair strands individually and also create an ombre effect where you go from darker color at the bottom to lighter at the top giving a sunkissed effect.
  • After applying Hair dye leave it on your hair for 30 minutes
  • Wash your hair taking care to use  a shampoo and conditioner made especially for color-treated hair

Caring for Mermaid Hair

Only use specialized shampoos and conditioners which have been made for color-treated hair.

Mermaid hair dyes usually last up to 15 shampoo washes though companies claim it is 5 to 40 washes so plan your washes accordingly.

Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo  made for color-treated hair and use only cold water as hot water will lead to your hair dye getting removed faster from your hair

When going for a swim try to wear a shower cap and keep your head above the water to protect your hair from chlorine and other chemicals in the pool from affecting your hair color

Don’t use hair styling products with heat; instead of blow drying your hair, just air dry your hair naturally to let the hair color maintain for a longer time.

Wear Scarves or hats with a wide rim to protect your hair from too much exposure to the sun.

Every 4 to 8 weeks depending on your hair schedule an appointment with your colorist to maintain your hair color

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