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Interesting Makeup (Eyeshadow ,Lipstick, Blush) Ideas for Blue Dress

Interesting Makeup Ideas for Blue Dress

Are you looking at donning that blue dress for your prom or attending a wedding in a blue dress and looking for makeup eyeliner and eye shadow ideas to go with that dress well then you are at the right place to let us help you. You can use multiple tricks to make your Blue Dress look even better you can choose whether to go with bold makeup or when to go with subtle  makeup depending upon the occasion and the color of your eyes and your complexion read on to know more

Makeup Ideas for Blue Dress

Color Combinations

When choosing makeup for your blue dress go with complementary colors in the color wheel so red or orange makeup goes best with blue.

When you choose complementary colors in the color wheel it will help in bringing out your best look other colors that look good with the blue dress besides red and orange are orange, brown, peach, coral, and even blue.

While choosing a complimentary color combination also take care to choose a color that works with your face and complexion.

Another aspect is to choose a color and make it focus on various parts of your dress and makeup for example if your dress is not completely blue but has accents or patterns of blue in it then you can add blue to your makeup as well but don’t chose blue makeup if your dress is a solid blue.

Prepare your Makeup Base

Firstly moisturize and scrub your face so that you can keep a dewy fresh look right through the day in makeup.

If you have a dress in cooler hues of blue ( i.e. a blue dress that leans towards green) then combine it with deep red and orange makeup to create a warm fuzzy look.

If you have a dress in warmer hues of blue ( i.e. a blue dress that leans towards purple)  combine it with cooler hues of makeup like brown peach and coral.

Use  a concealer and cover all your blemishes, dark circles, and zits

Pick and apply a foundation that is one shade darker than your skin’s natural color the foundation will help give your skin a warm glow and will make sure you don’t look washed out in photos.

If you have tanned skin then apply moisturizer or body butter and skip the foundation

Finish your makeup base by adding a mineral powder.

Prime your face

Prime Your Face with a face primer

Choose a foundation that works with your skin tone and apply it using your fingertips or a brush.

if you are going in the daytime choose a thin foundation which will also give you a natural look while if you are going for nighttime you can choose a thick foundation which will give you a cakey look

When you prime your face you will be able to make your foundation stay for a longer time

Blush for Blue Dress

You can color-coordinate the color of your lips and cheek

You can try  a warm blush to go with cooler shades of hue in your dress

You can make your cheeks look rosy with a pink blush or use a plum blush to go with a warmer brighter and more cheerful look

For a more natural and rosy look you can choose blush from peach, wine, coral, or light pink colors

When working with Blush make sure that you apply only three dots of powder blush on your cheeks and then mix it with your skin by moving your brush in a circular motion.

You can also apply bronzer on your cheekbones in order to give yourself  a pearly glow and help the focus be on your facial structure and complete a warm look

To apply the bronzer just put a couple of tiny dots of the powder on your cheekbones and use a brush and blend it with your skin by moving toward your ear.

Eyeshadow and Eye Makeup for Blue Dress

As Blue is a powerful and gender-neutral color go for eye makeup that really accentuates your eyes and provides a feminine look

Smokey eye makeup, Metallic eye makeup, or Cat’s eyes makeup are some of the best options for eye makeup with a blue dress.

You can use gold or champagne colors in your eye makeup if you are wearing a darker blue like navy blue dress to provide the metallic look

You can go with green or blue colors in your eye makeup if you are wearing blue dresses that go towards green i.e cool blue hues

You can go with teal or purple if you are wearing blue dresses that go towards purple i.e. warm blue hues just make sure that you don’t exactly match eye makeup color and dress color  i.e. purple eye with purple dress doesn’t work

Always use eye makeup with eye foundation or an eye primer

If you have a dark blue dress like navy blue you can try a smoky black eye makeup

For a Light blue or Turquoise dress go for eyeshadow that is softer

General Eyeshadows that work with the blue dresses are pink, sky blue, lilac, and silver.

Lipstick for Blue Dress

You can go with a nude lipstick color if you have gone for dramatic eye makeup. You can add lip balm and nude lip liner and you can go with a nude lipstick or peach or pink lipstick.

If you want your lips to be highlighted and become focal pink go for striking  red lipstick and add a lip liner so that lipstick stays longer

For a more glamorous look, you can go for ruby, fuchsia, or hot pink shade of lipstick with your blue dress

If you have doubts then go for Coral  and Warm pink shades of lipstick  that give a more subtle look with a blue dress

General Lipstick that works with darker blue colors like navy blue dresses is pink, red, and dark brown.

Seal your Look

Finish your look with the blue dress by applying a makeup sealer to keep yourself looking fresh for a long time.

You can also  look to  apply mineral powder sealer and create a shimmery look for yourself

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