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What Color goes with Olive Green Pants For Women: 19 Outfit Ideas

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Olive Green Pant Outfit Ideas

When you choose Olive Green pants you have already chosen a different color choice as blue, white, and black are the most common standard color choices in terms of pants after choosing them you will need some good outfit ideas to combine these pants with, and for that, we are here. Scroll down below for 19 outfit ideas about how to combine Olive Green pants

How to make your Olive Green Pants Look Great

Always keep your olive green pants stored away from sunlight and always wash your pants in cold water. Also, take care to not bleach your pants so as to avoid discoloring them

When wearing makeup with your olive green pants go for nude lipstick and an eyeshadow that is soft brown for a neutral makeup look. If you are looking for a bold makeup look combine your earthy pants with red lipstick or berry lipstick.

What Color goes with Olive Green Pants

Ideally white, beige, and black these neutral colors work best with olive green and are safe choices but if you really want to make your olive green pants pop out go for red and yellow shades. Other Colors that work with green are Grey, Cream, burgundy, pink, blue, purple, brown, peach, and other shades of green. In case you like wearing outfits that are monochromatic green and green co-ord sets are a great choice. Here are 19 Outfit ideas.

  1. White tube top and Olive green pants

    White and olive green is the most common outfit combination it helps you create a stylish, cute, and elegant chic look. You can combine these two colors for an office look as well as an informal look

  2. Brown overcoat and Olive green pants

    Brown and Olive green look great together and you can use them to create great outfits for a casual fall vibe a brown coat can help style this look for the office.

  3. Olive green and Olive green  co- ord set pants

    Green on Green is a tough look to pull off but if you want to try then go for co-ord sets which are in fashion these days.

  4. Black crop top and Olive green Pants

    Olive Green and Black is one of the best color combinations for those who are looking for a cool and casual while being comfortable look. Black +Olive green is also one of the most common color combinations.

  5. Blue and Olive green pants

    Olive green works very well with both light and a darker navy blue . You can combine light blue and olive green outfits for great formal and casual looks. You can also combine olive green and navy blue for  a simple but extremely classy look

  6. Gray and Olive green pants

    Grey and olive green is a great combination for those looking for something that is chic, elegant, and simple choice while having a more formal look. Gray being a formal color you can add gray accessories also and make your look more subtle

  7. Orange jacket and olive green pants

    If you really looking for a sunny beach vibe then add a subtle orange jacket to your olive green pants.

  8. Red flower print shirt with olive green pant

    Olive green goes well with prints so olive green with red, pink, or peach floral printed tops works great. You can also try prints in other colors like brown and purple.

  9. Pink knitted sweater with olive green pants

    Pink and Olive Green go great together it is the coolest combination for an outfit.

  10. Yellow full sleeves top with Olive green Pants

    When you combine olive green and yellow you get a bold look but at the same time, you have to ensure that your accessories are subtle and end up underplaying the look. You can combine olive green and yellow for fall outfits and these colors look cute and youthful as they complement other on the color wheel.

  11. Caramel top with olive green pants

    Caramel with olive green provides a subtle understated look

  12. Animal print jacket with olive green pants

    Prints always go well with olive green and animal print with olive green will really add a lot of flair to the look you can also try other colors and prints with olive green.

  13. Blue and white stripe shirt with olive green formal pants

    Looking for a great formal look then you can combine stripes whether blue and white or black and white with olive green pants. You want to go for a casual look then add a denim jacket to this combination

  14. Light mauve and olive green pant

    Olive Green Pant Outfit Ideas

    Light mauve and olive green pants (Depositphotos)

    Mauve and Olive Green look great together as an outfit for a casual look you can also try a bolder version by going for purple

  15. Maroon and olive green

    Maroon and olive green are both subtle colors and when you combine them together you get an understated look.

  16. Crimson red and olive green

    Red is a bold color and you can combine it with olive green pants if you want to go for a chic and casual look.

  17. Off-white and olive green

    Off White and olive green will look great together for a more cool and casual look.

  18. Coral and olive green

    If you are into monochromatic look you will enjoy this combination fo shades of green coral and olive green.

  19. Lemon and olive green

    Looking for something that makes you look cool and uber stylish then try out this outfit combination of lemon and olive green that makes the perfect cool and chic look in casual settings.

Gray and Green Do they go together

As neutral colors work well with green so gray and green outfits work well together.

Wearing olive Green pants in spring

For wearing olive green pants in spring you can combine these pants with white color whether a white t-shirt or a white tank top or other colors which are in light shade work well.


To Sum up, Olive pants can come in multiple varieties be it trousers or jogging pants or even in denim style. If you want to style the Olive pants you can combine them with t-shirts, tank tops, denim jackets, blazers, or tops.  If you are looking for a comfortable look black and white T-shirt, olive pants and pumps make the best cool look.

If you go with one of the outfit ideas suggested above you will be able to make a style statement. Olive pants are a great way to stand out from the crowd without looking too loud or in your face and go well in casual settings as well as formal settings so pick from one of the outfit ideas above and rock your look.

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