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What is 2B Hair Type, How to Care, Best Routine Haircuts & Products

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2B Hair Type, How to Care,

If you are wondering about what is type 2B hair, how to care for it, and what is the best routine for it along with the best haircuts and products for 2B hair read on.A

What is 2B Hair Type

2B Hair Type means that you have S-shaped wavy hair. Hair is defined by a digit and an alphabet type 2 hair means wavy hair while alphabet B means hair thickness of moderate curl diameter. 2B hair starts being straight at the roots and starts forming a soft S-shaped curly wave in the middle and continues till the end.

2a vs 2b vs 2c hair

All type 2 hair is wavy but each hair has its unique pattern A type means that the curl diameter is large, B type means the curl diameter is moderate and C type means that the curl diameter is small. Type 2A hair will have a wave that is touseled and loose and is not really considered wavy as the hair is also finer. Type 2B hair has a softer S-shaped wave while type 2C will have a S-shaped wave that is very well defined looking almost like a ringlet. 2B hair type will have hair that is harder to straighten than 2A but easier than 2C. Also, it may be possible to have a hair texture that is 2B hair but has some elements of 2A wave and 2 C wave also.

How To Care For 2B Hair Type

Be careful when Detangling

As type 2B hair has waves from the middle to end that is the point where your hair will get tangled up and you need to be very careful with detangling it especially when your hair is wet. You should work your knots gently with the help of a wide tooth comb and a detangling spray.

Wash and Shampoo

Unlike straight hair, 2B hair is more at risk of becoming greasy as the hair takes over a large surface area leading to more external particles getting caught in your hair. It is best to create a hair care routine for washing and shampooing that focuses on alternate-day co-washing  (which means washing with conditioner instead of shampoo) and shampooing your hair twice a week.  You can also focus on getting a conditioning treatment 1 time in 2 weeks. If however your hair is not greasy and doesn’t contain oils there is no need to wash your hair so much. Do note for those with 2B hair you will get the best waves just after shampooing but take care and don’t overdo the shampoo else you will end up messing with your oil balance.

Overnight Plopping

Plopping your hair is very useful to get defined curls for all curly and wavy hair types. In plopping flip your damp hair upside and use a towel with microfibres or an old T-shirt of cotton to wrap it around your head. You can plop your head in a mound for some time after washing or you can take a bath at night and let your hair plop overnight. Plopping your hair provides natural scrunching for your hair and reduces frizz in your hair as well as helps with the volume and definition of hair.

Do Hair Root Clipping to Increase Volume

You will find that 2B type hair doesn’t have a curl at the roots and so will cause problems with your hair volume and so in order to increase the volume of your hair you can use the hair root clipping technique. For hair root clipping tilt your head and make sure that your hair falls away from the scalp of your head and then use double or single-prong clips and start clipping your hair within 15 minutes you will notice that your hair has more volume.

Hydrate Regularly

Hydrate your hair regularly and put on a conditioner every time you shower.

Apply Diffuser

Dry your hair using a diffuser as it helps get more defined curls and also makes your hair more shiny by removing frizz.

2B Hair Curly Girl Method

The most popular 2B hair routine uses the curly girl method which focuses on treating hair gently and keeping hair moisturized and helping curls become more defined. The idea of the curly girl method is to stop using a sulfate shampoo and instead use conditioner washing (also called co-wash), not use any silicone-based hair products, when blow drying use a diffuser, and also avoid using brushes and combs. Here is the 2B hair routine in detail

2B Hair Routine

2B Hair Care Routine for washing

Step 1 Apply a Hair Mask

Start off by applying a deep conditioning mask and after applying it leave it on your hair for 20 minutes

Step 2 Washing

Now wash your hair while taking care that the shampoo you use is mild and sulfate free

Step 3 Conditioning

After washing your condition it with a leave-in conditioner

Step 4  Untangle your hair

Remove knots from your hair using your hands or a brush

Step 5 Dry Your hair

Either let your hair air dry or use a towel to dry your hair

Step 6 Style Your hair

Use a diffuser to apply heat to your hair to style it to get bouncy curls

2B Hair Care Routine for refreshing

The day after washing your hair you will need to refresh your hair and you can use this method for the same

Step 1

Mix and create a solution of Leave-in conditioner and water

Step 2

Spritz the solution onto your hair

Step 3

If your hair is still not looking in perfect shape treat the waves by applying some curl-enhancing gel

Step 4

If you want your hair to look bouncy and voluminous flip  your head down and try to move your fingers through your hair

Best hairstyles and haircuts for 2b Hair Type

For type 2B hair the best hairstyles and haircuts are round layers with graduation which suit its textures and increase the volume and curls. Also, keep the length of your hair at an optimum between the head and shoulder for natural curls as the longer the hair the weaker the waves. Other haircuts for 2B hair to try are highlights, brushed-out ringlets, baby braids,  messy beach waves, and an effortless bun.

Best Hair Products for 2B Hair Type

Manta Healthy Hair Brush

Manta is a soft and easy brush without silicone and it will be easy on your hair

Satin Pillowcase

Instead of cotton use a Satin Pillowcase  to help keep  your hair frizz-free

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

A deep-conditioning hair mask will act as a pre-shampoo treatment to add moisture to your hair

DevaCurl Frizz-Fighting Volumizing Foam 

Try a frizz-removing volumizing foam for type 2B hair

Common Problems Facing 2B Hair Type

Harder to Straighten

2B Hair is harder to straighten as compared to 2A hair as you cannot simply brush it as doing so will make the hair frizzy. If you brush your hair regularly you will end up making your hair more and more puffier.

Problems with Frizziness and Dryness

2B hair is prone to dryness and frizziness and it becomes even more so when your hair is porous. Also, try to avoid heat styling your hair as it will increase its dryness. Sticky hair products like gels and hair spray will also cause buildup in your hair and funkiness in your hair so try to avoid them.

Hair Tangles up when wet

2B hair starts tangling up from the middle points when it is wet and if you brush your hair when it is wet you will end up creating knots in your hair

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