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What is Porcelain Skin & How to get Porcelain Skin Naturally

Porcelain Skin

Every woman wants to have flawless and healthy skin also known as Porcelain skin. Porcelain skin refers to anyone who has clear, flawless, even-toned, and glowing skin regardless of skin tone. In this article, we cover What is Porcelain Skin, its differences from fair skin How to get Porcelain Skin Naturally, and how to get porcelain skin through makeup.

What is Porcelain Skin

Porcelain skin is clear, blemish-free, luminous, smooth,even-toned, and flawless skin and is independent of your skin tone. In traditional terms, fair skin or light skin with a slight shade of pink or yellow undertones and almost translucent-looking skin is called Porcelain skin.   There are two definitions of porcelain skin.

1.) In the first definition Porcelain actually refers to ceramic porcelain and how ceramic clay is heated and turns into Porcelain after cooling and this porcelain has a translucent, perfect, and flawless quality about it. Similarly, anyone with porcelain skin has smooth, even-toned, perfect skin irrespective of skin tone and complexion.

2) In the second definition which has been popularized by beauty brands and amplified by Instagram influencers and in this porcelain skin refers to white translucent skin similar to that of porcelain after it has cooled down. This usually refers to a person who has a skin tone that is very light and has more pink than yellow undertones in the skin so that they appear even lighter.

Overall porcelain skin can refer to those who have translucent skin and are pale and also those who have almost see-through skin with sometimes even their veins showing up. Porcelain skin has 95% pink and 5% yellow undertones and is considered to be the whitest kind of skin in terms of complexion sometimes even compared with having a doll like skin. Take care not to confuse porcelain skin with fair skin.

Porcelain Skin vs Fair Skin

Most people get confused between porcelain skin and fair skin but they are not the same. Both fair and porcelain skin refers to those having skin tones that are lighter but everyone having fair skin doesn’t have perfect, clear, and smooth skin without any blemishes which is the definition of porcelain skin. Also, fair-skinned people have skin that has more yellow and lesser pink as a base and have a paler or lighter complexion while porcelain skin has more pink than the yellow base. Porcelain skin and fair skin both are lighter skin but fair skin has a warmer tone while porcelain skin is more translucent.

How to get Porcelain Skin Naturally

To get porcelain skin you have to choose your skin protection regime and ensure that you follow it regularly. Here are some of the things that you should do get porcelain skin

Save your skin from sun damage

Harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause damage to your skin causing your skin to have freckles and dark marks as well as early aging. To protect against the sun’s UV rays always wear a “broad spectrum” sunscreen which has a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 30. If you are in the sun for a long time take care to keep on reapplying the sunscreen every few hours also wear hats in the sun to minimize exposure. If you are going into a swimming pool apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going into the pool so that your skin has time to absorb it.

Choose the correct Cleanser for your face

To get porcelain skin choose the correct cleanser for your face as per your skin type. If you have sensitive skin choose a gentle cleanser and avoid scrubbing and for oily skin choose a gel-based cleanser and for dry skin choose a cream-based cleanser. You can always consult a dermatologist and get products that are suited for you. After choosing a cleanser make sure that you always wash your face twice once in the morning and once at night to avoid any buildup in your pores. Also, ensure that you are consistent with your cleanser and don’t change it too much.

Create a Skin protection Routine

Make sure that you create a skin protection routine for yourself using the selected cleanser, and toner, and using the brightening serum for porcelain skin along with increasing the moisture of your skin. Also, make sure to apply sunscreen when you go out in the sun.

Don’t Leave your makeup overnight

If you keep your makeup on your face overnight it will end up clogging your pores creating dry skin, causing acne breakage, and proving harmful to your skin so avoid leaving your makeup overnight.

Keep yourself Hydrated

You should drink a lot of water during the day to keep yourself hydrated as water helps flush out the harmful toxins in your body. You can also add white tea to your daily routine as it is rich in antioxidants.

Avoid touching your face too much with your fingers

Every time you are touching your face with your fingers you are adding oil to your face so don’t touch your face too much. Also, don’t scratch your scabs they will end up giving scars or dark spots

Use Face masks

You can buy sheet face masks or use natural homemade face masks in order for your skin to feel rejuvenated

Natural Remedies & Facemasks to get Porcelain Skin

There are certain natural home remedies and facemasks you can use which can help make your skin look  good and flawless almost like the porcelain skin

Lemon & Honey Facemask

This is one of the most common facemasks used for brightening your skin at home while honey helps your skin look hydrated and moisturized while lemon has skin-lightening properties. Follow these steps for applying the face mask

  1. Start by adding honey and Lemon juice to a bowl and mix it
  2. Apply the mixture  on your face so that it completely covers your face
  3. Wash it off after waiting for 10 to 15 minutes for the mixture to dry out on your face
  4. Don’t use this facemask  if you have dry skin or sensitive skin as it will end up making your face even drier

Honey & Egg White Facemask

Honey contains proteins that help in skin tightening and in treating wrinkles while egg white is said to help in enhancing your skin. Follow these steps for applying the face mask

  1. Mix Egg white into a soft mixture and add organic honey to it
  2. Apply the mixture onto your face so that it completely covers your face
  3. Keep it on your face for around 30 minutes so that it dries
  4. Wash your face

Almond Facemask

Almonds are said to help make skin smooth and soft Follow these steps for applying the face mask

  1. Soak almonds for a few hours in raw milk
  2. Create a paste from the almonds by grinding them
  3. Completely cover your face with this paste
  4. Let  it dry on your face for about 30 minutes
  5. Wash your face and repeat this facemask weekly

Orange Facemask

Vitamin C is very useful in giving your skin an even tone by removing skin blemishes and sun tan and oranges are full of vitamin C so try out this facemask. Follow these steps for applying the face mask

  1. Crush the orange into a pulp after peeling it
  2. Apply this freshly taken-out pulp on your face
  3. Let it dry for 30 minutes on your face
  4. Wash your face and repeat this facemask twice a week

Curd & Gram Flour Facemask

This facemask is an old recipe and is mostly suited for those who have oily skin as Curd helps retain moisture in the skin while gram flour removes the extra oil present on the face Follow these steps for applying the face mask

  1. Mix Curd and gram flour and make a paste out of it
  2. Apply this paste to your face
  3. Let it dry for 30 minutes on your face
  4. Wash your face and repeat this facemask twice a week

Porcelain Skin Makeup

You can try and appear to look like you are having porcelain skin through makeup.  Makeup for porcelain skin is meant to create a  smooth canvas on your face and skin

Porcelain skin Look Face Makeup

Use Primer on Face to protect against the sun

Use  a cream-based concealer, color-correcting concealer

For your face best apply a Liquid highlighter or a cream one

Porcelain Skin Look Lipstick and Blush

Soft Apricot shades, sandy pink shades, and rosy pink shades are the best blushes for porcelain skin while for the lipstick you can use nude lipstick. For bronzer avoid using warm tones like orange, red, peach, and gold in fact if possible avoid using too much bronzer also avoid using pastel colors.

Porcelain Skin Look Eyeshadow

You can use an eyeshadow in metallic colors or green, purple, and other pastel colors avoid choosing gray or black, or white

How to Apply Makeup

  1. First, select a compact powder that is lighter than skin tone but not too lighter
  2. Take  a compact brush and try to apply it in round motions on your cheeks, nose, forehead, chin
  3. Take a smaller slanted brush that looks like a wedge and connect all the areas you have applied powder on
  4. Select a  blush that gives your face a nice rosy look
  5. Apply blush on your face with the first brush while at the same time making sure it is looking light and natural and ensuring that it is not noticeable
  6. Use the second wedge brush and apply blush to your cheekbones near the side of your eyes also don’t use blush if you have red spots or pimples on your skin instead use powder to cover them up.


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