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Can You Bleach Your Hair Twice In One Day & How Long Should You Wait To Bleach Your Hair Again

Can You Bleach Your Hair Twice In One Day

Bleaching is a great way to completely change the way you look but sometimes you end up messing up your bleaching and then you start thinking questions like Can You Bleach Your Hair Twice In One Day or How Long Should You Wait To Bleach Your Hair Again We are here to answer your questions but first you should know the harmful effects of bleaching and why should we even think before double bleaching.

Harmful effects of Bleaching

Whether you do bleaching at home or you do it at a salon with a colorist bleaching will lead to the following harmful effects.

Frizzy & Dry Hair

Bleaching will end up making your hair rough, dry, and frizzy the best way to handle this is to add coconut oil to your hair at home and to go to the salon and get some treatments for conditioning done.

Burns on Your Scalp

Bleaching has the possibility of leaving burns on your scalps which may lead to your scalp being damaged and leave you feeling itchy on the scalp and if you feel this during bleaching immediately rinse your hair.

Color Discoloration

While coloring your hair if you don’t prepare the bleaching mixture correctly in the right ratio color discoloration can happen.

Can you bleach your hair twice in one day?

You should not bleach your hair twice a day as bleaching is a very aggressive process and cause your hair to lose moisture. Bleaching twice a day can be harmful and can cause hair fall and hair breakage it can even come to a situation where if you touch your hair and you will see clumps of hair start to fall down. If your bleaching process has gone horribly wrong like turning your hair orange even then wait until at least two weeks before bleaching your hair again. No matter how bad your bleaching has gone wrong it is better to stay with a bad color for a couple of weeks rather than loose your hair and be bald.

How long should I wait to bleach my hair again?

The earliest you should bleach your hair after 1 session is 2 weeks and only if the first session has gone horribly wrong like turning your hair orange. After bleaching your hair you should ideally wait for at least 4 to 6 weeks before bleaching your hair again which is when your roots start to show. As per AAD (American Academy of Dermatologists) you should wait 8 to 10 weeks between two coloring sessions.  The longer you wait for more chances for your hair to hydrate itself and also recover from the drying effect of the first bleaching session. Before doing your second bleaching session you should keep on oiling your hair and keep getting treatments for conditioning so as to hydrate your hair.

How many times can you bleach your hair?

Technically there is no limit to the number of times you can bleach your hair but you should stop bleaching your hair once you start seeing hair breakage. Hair breakage is the sign given by your body that hair cannot sustain any more bleaching.

How often can I bleach my hair?

There is no limit to the number of times you want to bleach your hair if you maintain a gap of 4 to 6 weeks between each bleaching session. However, you should bleach your hair only the amount of times it is needed to maintain the color you are looking for as bleaching is damaging to your hair and it makes your hair extremely dry and too often bleaching will lead to hair fall.

Bleaching Process

Bleaching consists of oxidizing agents hydrogen peroxide and ammonia present in the bleach working on oxidizing the pigments of melanin present in your hair and thus lightening your hair. These are very strong products and the more often you bleach your hair more damage they can cause your hair. Sometimes the product will have written as peroxide free product in which case be wary as it doesn’t automatically become free of chemicals as instead of peroxide some other oxidizing agent will be used to do bleaching.

Fixing Unevenly Bleached Hair

You can fix unevenly bleached hair after at least 2 to 4 weeks and we would recommend that you take the help of a professional hair colorist to fix unevenly bleached hair

If my Hair has turned Orange Can I Bleach it Again?

Yes, you can bleach your hair again if it has turned orange but wait at least 2 to 4 weeks before trying again. Hair usually turns orange if you have removed bleached too early and the next time you apply bleach you can fix your hair.

How to prepare for bleaching hair a second time

Before bleaching your hair for a second time you should prepare your hair so that it can withstand the process again. Follow these steps

After your first bleaching session and before your second session make sure you add moisture to your hair in order to strengthen it before the next round of bleaching.

Two times in a week oil your hair with coconut oil extra virgin to help your hair with moisture. Make sure you add oil to the middle of your hair so that your hair can completely soak the oil.

You can go for a deep protein conditioning treatment using either biotin or keratin at your salon to hydrate your hair before the next bleaching session.

Don’t apply heat to your hair and use your blow dryer, flat irons, or other hair styling equipment at low heat or avoid them completely if possible.

Trim your hair if you start seeing split ends before your next bleaching session.

Caring Tips for Double bleaching your hair

  1. At least two days before bleaching your hair apply extra virgin hair oil to your hair and leave it on.
  2. While bleaching your hair take care to wear disposable gloves and cover your shoulders to avoid bleaching burns.
  3. While bleaching your hair don’t leave the bleach on top of your head for more than 30 to 40 minutes.
  4. After bleaching your hair only wash your hair in cold water and mild shampoo you can also follow it with a conditioner.
  5. After bleaching your hair only air dry your hair and don’t use any heat from blow dryer or hair styling products.
  6. Also, use a toner as suggested by a hair stylist or an expert.
  7. After Bleaching your hair let your hair recover for at least 4 to 6 weeks and if possible extend it to 8 to 10 weeks before your roots start showing up.
  8. During the recovery period add oils to your hair and go for deep protein condition treatment to add moisture to your hair.


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