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Pisces Woman in Love, Relationships, Bed Personality Traits & Characteristics

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Pisces Woman in Love

Are you dating a Pisces woman and want to figure out how she is then you are at the right place we will explain the personality traits and characteristics of a pieces woman and how she behaves in love, relationships, and in bed.

Pisces Woman in Love & Relationships

When a pieces woman is in love or in a relationship her stand-out personality trait is empathy and being a great listener. A Pisces woman really enjoys being in love and being a caring and giver personality will wholeheartedly go for a long-lasting relationship. Pisces women are full of the energy of Neptune which is the ruling planet and as such they will open up to you and will in return expect you to also open up. If you are someone who likes opening up then a pieces woman will really help you explore your inner self but if you are not so open then this might start to overwhelm you.

Romancing a Pisces woman with candlelight dinners, poems, and songs is really important as they are artistic in nature. Pisces women being great listeners and a giver means that they will always be in touch with their partner’s feelings and will go out of their way to make their partner happy. A Pisces woman will always be aware of her partner’s feelings and will expect you to do the same for her.

A pieces woman is very fast to catch a lie so you should not lie to her and don’t pretend to behave in a certain way to make her like you because she will always catch you.

Pisces Woman in Bed

A Pisces woman in bed is again loving and very emotional which means that being physically intimate with someone is a big ask for her which means that she needs to feel secure and trust her partner before she will take that step. A Pisces woman is extremely feminine so she would feel not only the need to be desired but also to be loved in bed which means that as a partner you should pay attention to foreplay. When being intimate with her kissing her, cuddling her, and touching her head is very important to a pieces woman if you manage to make her feel loved she will respond back passionately. If a Pisces woman trusts you she  will be adventurous and receptive to all kinds of fantasy but the trick is always to get connected to her inner mind also called as crown chakra.

Pisces Woman Personality Traits

Listeners who are  Caring & Empathetic

Pisces women are some of the most caring and empathetic women and they are the best listeners and they are some of the best friends willing to lend a  shoulder to cry on. A Pisces woman usually ends up caring more about others than herself she is even willing to forgive those who have done something wrong to her and give people second chances. This is the most positive personality trait of a Pisces woman but can be misused by people around her

Thoroughly Romantic

A Pisces woman is an out-and-out hopelessly romantic and they usually fantasize about who their ideal husband or boyfriend should be. Relationships with Pisces women would see them being thoughtful about their partners and them investing and building a relationship for the long term.

Heavily Emotional

Pisces is a water sign and so feels all the emotions intensely and while emotions are part of all human beings Pisces women tend to feel them at a much higher level. Pisces women are however mature so they can communicate their feelings very well.

Creative & Artistic

A Pisces woman is always creative and artistic as they will have a strong love for nature and will always connect intimately with all the beautiful things around her. Art, music, cultural activities all of life’s majestic expressions will appeal to a Pisces woman. The creativity of a Pisces woman really comes out in her professional life.

Big Hearted

A Pisces woman is nice and supportive of others and kindness and compassion are part of their nature. if they think someone is in need they will go out of the way to help them.


A Pisces woman  is heavily into religion and spirituality as spirituality is the gateway to understanding and having awareness of others and since they are so much in tune with nature they are heavily spiritual


Since a Pisces woman is such a good listener they also end up being intuitive and their friends and family always rely upon them to suggest the right course of action.

Extremely Adaptable

A Pisces woman is a mutable sign which means that they are extremely adaptable to all kinds of situation. Pisces women can get along with all kinds of people as they are so adaptable and have very high emotional intelligence.

Close and Intimate

Rather than having a lot of casual acquaintances a Pisces woman prefers to have a handful of people to whom she can feel close. A Pisces woman would get bored with shallow talk but can indulge in deep and meaningful conversations for a long time and you will not see her trying to be popular.

Dating a Pisces Woman

Pisces women are the best women for dating and long-term relationships they are the ones with whom you can sit under the sky just listening to the music. Since Pisces women are so emotional, mature, and compassionate men are always attracted to them. If you are dating a Pisces woman make sure that you make her feel loved and don’t let them feel neglected as they will feel hurt.

Pisces women are compassionate and mature which makes them go the extra mile for others and which means that they will end up working in a field that affects others and thus will always feel the urge to be the one who does it all. While dating a Pisces woman always keep reminding her that she doesn’t have to be a superwoman and if there are times that she doesn’t respond to your text it would be because she is too much busy trying to be compassionate to many other people. If you are dating a Pisces woman just remember to make her feel that she should not feel guilty about not being able to live up to your needs that will go well in the long term otherwise her overcompassionate nature means that she would demand a lot more from herself and would expect the same from you leading to problems down the road.

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