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Sulfur 8 Hair Growth: Does Sulfur 8 Grows Hair

Sulfer 8 for hair growth

Sulfur 8 offers medicated products containing sulfur that can be great to treat hair that is rough or textured.  Sulfur 8 offers conditioner, Anti-dandruff oil, and scalp spray.  I am here to help you find out whether sulfur 8 helps with hair growth and what are the benefits and side effects of sulfur 8 for hair growth.

What is Sulfur 8

Sulfur 8 is a brand that makes medicated hair products specially targeted at African American hair it was founded by J Strickland & Company in 1948. This brand has a wide range of hair products targeted at kids and going up to adults with the most popular being Sulfur 8 medicated hair and scalp conditioner

Does Sulfur 8 Grows Hair

Sulfur 8 may help some people of African American descent with hair growth as per the claims made by the brand. Sulfur 8 claims that its products contain 2% Sulfur which is very helpful in the production of Keratin which is the protein in your hair. Keratin production starts slowing down as we age and this causes our hair to grow thinner and lose its luster. Sulfur 8  products add Sulfur to your hair which can help in increasing the production of keratin leading to hair growth with thicker hair.

According to the brand the main goal of its products is to improve the health of hair and scalp which it does by adding 2% sulfur which is what can make the product useful in growing hair for some people but please don’t expect this product to work miracles or to work well for everyone in the same fashion.

 Sulfur Benefits for Hair

  1. Sulfur helps Keratin Production which in turn will lead to hair growth.
  2. Sulfur first works by helping reduce the production of sebum which in turn helps unclog the hair follicles and also helps reduce hair loss.
  3. Sulfur also is an antifungal product and helps reduce dandruff and itchiness by killing the fungi causing dandruff.
  4. Sulfur helps to increase the circulation throughout your scalp which will in turn lead to hair growth.
  5. It is claimed that sulfur helps increase the growth phase of your hair cycle.

Sulfur 8 Products Benefits

The main claimed benefits of Sulfur 8 products are that may help in hair growth, may help remove dandruff, and may help kill lice. Let’s examine the benefits in detail.

Sulfur 8 May Help in Hair Growth

The sulfur in Sulfur 8 products has many benefits and one of them it helps in hair growth. Sulfur 8 shampoo also helps clean your scalp making your hair soft and also doesn’t leave any residue and as we all know that a clean scalp is one of the requirements for better hair growth. Sulfur 8 shampoo is also suitable for most textures and hair types and also doesn’t remove oil from your hair.

Sulfur 8 May Help in Removing Dandruff

Sulfur 8 products have sulfur that can help in removing dandruff but its results will be different for different people so don’t expect miracles and be realistic.

The sulfur in Sulfur 8 products has antifungal properties and hence can kill dandruff-causing fungus. Besides this, the sulfur also causes a reduction in the amount of oil present in your head and this oil in your scalp is the food for dandruff and thus as the oil reduces so do the symptoms of dandruff. Sulfur also reduces the amount of itchiness that you encounter with dandruff. To use a sulfur 8 product to treat dandruff use the product at least 4 times a day using it more at the start and reducing its application as the symptoms improve.

Sulfur 8 May Help in Removing Lice

Regular use of Sulfur 8 products are a recommended method of treating lice and can also prevent lice from laying eggs on your hair.

Sulfur 8 Products Side effects

Sometimes the Sulfur 8 products despite all their benefits can cause some side effects to some people

Sulfur 8 products may rarely cause skin irritation and inflammation in some people usually those with sensitive skin and if you face these side effects then immediately consult your doctor who can provide you with an alternative shampoo.

Another side effect of sulfur 8 products is that sulfur can increase burning and cause irritation if your scalp has any kind of cut or abrasion.

When using a medicated shampoo take care that the product doesn’t go into your eyes and that you don’t use any conditioner before applying the shampoo

Sometimes after using the same product for a period of time your scalp may get used to it and you stop seeing any benefits from it so once in a while you should take a break from using sulfur 8 products and add some variety

Who Should Not Use Sulfur 8 Products

There are few exceptions who should not use Sulfur 8 products otherwise for most people Sulfur 8 products are okay

Sulfur can be drying and can cause irritation when applied to sensitive skin so people with sensitive skin should avoid Sulfur 8 products.

If for any reason your scalp has abrasions, cuts, or open pores then you should not use sulfur 8 products as they can cause burning and will end up increasing irritation on your scalp.

Sulfur 8 products have a very strong smell of sulfur which some people who are sensitive are not able to handle and if you are one of them you should avoid Sulfur 8 products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should you use Sulfur 8 Products to See Results

Most people see the results of using sulfur 8 products in a few weeks leading to hair growth but for some people, it can take a couple of months also. People with dry and damaged hair usually see results in longer duration and the results usually depend on your hair quality and the condition of your hair every person will see different results so just be patient with the process.

Can Sulfur Cause Problems for Your Hair

If taken in small amounts sulfur will not cause any problems to your hair but avoid excessive use of sulfur as too much sulfur can cause irritation to your scalp and can damage your hair in the long term. Also if you have a sensitive scalp avoid using sulfur on it.

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