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How To Grow Out Bleached Hair Gracefully Step by Step

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Grow Out Bleached Hair Gracefully

You can use bleaching to change your looks drastically and initially, it feels like a lot of fun but slowly you realize that continuous bleaching has a lot of issues and risks and will end up damaging your hair badly so it’s best to grow out your bleached hair. Growing out your bleached hair is a planned process where you should follow the step-by-step instructions that are present below also know that the results vary person to person depending upon your hair type amount of hair growth you are looking for and the number of times you have bleached your hair so read on.

How To Grow Out Bleached Hair Gracefully

Growing your bleached hair back depends on the type of hair, how many times you have bleached it, and whether you have highlighted your hair or colored your hair completely you can choose one of these methods to do it gracefully.

Method 1: Grow Your Bleached Hair Out as Ombre

If you have only highlighted some strands of hair in your color then this is the best way to grow your bleached hair out. In this method you let your hair grow out in an ombre look which is in style these days and go back gradually to your natural hair. The ombre look means a style in which your hair is darker at the bottom and gets lighter as you gradually go toward the top. Another thing that you can do is you can lowlight your color every 6 to 12 weeks in colors that are more like your natural hair and soon you will have grown out your highlighted color hair. Lowlighting hair means coloring your hair darker than your base color as compared to highlights where you color your hair lighter than your base color.

Method 2: Gradually  Grow Bleached Hair Back to its Natural Color Step by Step

In this method, you will gradually go back to your natural color while still coloring your hair in colors that are closer to your natural shade. This process will be slow over a period of months and is suited for those who have completely colored their hair. Here is the step-by-step process

Step 1 Separate your hair into Natural & bleached hair

As a first step, you have to divide your hair into natural hair that is growing back and bleached hair so that you can treat both of them separately. As more of the hair keeps on growing back you have to maintain this distinction

Step 2 Select one color for Naturally regrown hair

You will be using color to go back to your natural hair color by using a couple of shades of color one for your naturally regrown hair and one for your bleached hair. Ideally, the hair color you will choose for your naturally regrown hair would be the same as your natural color. You can also choose a shade lighter than your natural hair for example a golden brown shade if your hair is dark by doing so you can add a warmth and depth effect to your hair but this is only for the transition period until your hair is natural color again.

Step 3 Select one color for Bleached hair

Whatever shade of color you have chosen for your naturally regrown hair choose a shade darker for your bleached hair. You cannot choose the same shade for both bleached and natural hair as bleaching your hair makes the texture uneven and if you put the same shade of color on both types of hair it will end up looking uneven. Bleached hair is lighter than your natural hair and so if you apply the same shade on both hairs you will notice banding which means the hair has different tones and depths looking visible like a band.

Step 4 Color your hair

First, color your entire hair by applying the shade of the color chosen for natural hair and then let it dry. After drying then apply the second shade of color only to your bleached hair. By coloring your hair this way you will be able to make your color even without banding and make it look beautiful as you gradually transition more and more into your natural color.

Make sure that you avoid using a toner as bleaches and dyes already cause damage to your hair which toner will only increase.

Method 3: Let Your Bleached Hair Grow Gray

If you don’t want to take the stress of coloring your hair gradually or don’t want to expose your hair to the coloring process you can take the bold step of letting your hair grow gray. If you have gray hair and you are trying to color your hair into a gray shade it will become a tough and time-consuming process so it’s better to let your gray hair show. if you are conscious about showing gray hair you can choose to highlight certain sections of the hair or use semi-permanent hair.

Damages Caused by Bleaching Hair

When you apply bleach to your hair it affects the hair proteins in order to change the color of the hair which in turn affects your hair and weakens it.

When you bleach your hair it ends up changing the porosity of your hair as well as its elasticity this in turn will lead to uneven texture in your hair.

Chemicals are used in bleaching which opens up the cuticles of your hair which will in turn to lead split hair and hair fall.

In bleaching chemicals change the natural melanin of your hair by penetrating hair shafts . Frequent Bleaching will lead to these chemicals breaking down hair’s fatty acids and weakening the hair cuticles and that will make getting back to natural hair even more difficult.

Bleaching will lead to dry and frizzy hair that will also have problems of dandruff, hair breakage, and split ends.

Caring for Bleached Hair

Take care to keep your hair moisturized

You can also opt for hair repair therapy sessions at your salon

Make sure you trim your hair regularly

How Frequently Can You Bleach Your Hair

While it depends on your hair type ideally it will take up to 2 weeks before you can bleach your hair again and if hair damage is too severe it can take even up to a month.

Time Taken to grow out your Bleached Hair

The time taken to grow out bleached hair depends on your hair growth and the length of your hair . Hair usually grows at the rate of 1/2 inch per month and you are trimming your hair 1/4 inch every month,if you want to keep your hair medium length 16 inches it will take 16/0.25 or 64 months to grow out your bleached hair

Will Naturally Regrown Hair be Healthy

The New naturally regrown hair will most of the time come out as healthy as compared to bleached hair which will be brittle.

Warning Signs to Stop Bleaching Your Hair

If you have started experiencing hair fall and hair breakage those are warning signs to stop bleaching your hair

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