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E Girl Makeup Looks & Tutorial : What is Egirl Make up Aesthetic & How to do Egirl makeup

E Girl Makeup Looks

Another popular trend that is sweeping across social media namely Instagram and Tiktok is the E Girl Makeup Aesthetic which is a striking look and is inspired by the Japanese culture. So whether if you are discovering #egirlmakeup or you are an avid user if you want to know What is meant by Egirl Makeup Aesthetic & How to do Egirl makeup you are at the right place

What is the definition of  Egirl ?

E girl stands for electronic girl and the definition of E girl is a girl who spends more of her time on anime and gaming and actually refers to any girl who is an avid internet user.  E girl was originally intended as a term intended to stereotype girls who visited mostly male-dominated websites and adopted this persona to get attention and was originally considered a derogatory term in Japanese culture. However, the term has now evolved and now reflects emo and punk vibes and reflects a bold and edgy woman.

What is Egirl Makeup Look?

EGirl makeup aesthetic consists of fake freckles, bold eye makeup that makes a statement, a lot of blush, and dramatic eyeliner. The whole Egirl makeup look has makeup styles that you will see more of in K-pop and anime and the idea is to come across cute and edgy.

Step by Step E Girl Makeup Tutorial

Step 1 Prepare your Face with Priming, Foundation & Concealer

First, start off by doing the makeup for any other style you should apply primer to your face to ensure that your makeup stays for a long time after that apply a liquid foundation that is lightweight to your face which will ensure that your finish is good. Make sure that your base makeup is light so as to avoid a feeling of heaviness on your skin and your face looking cakey. Apply concealer onto your face to avoid dark circles and blemishes

Step 2 Apply Eyeshadow

You can choose to go for a soft egirl makeup look in which case choose from the softer colors pink, coral, or peach as an eyeshadow for your eyelids or you can choose to have a bold egirl makeup look in which case you can select from red, yellow, and green eyeshadow. Try to have a blurred and diffused look for your eye makeup by using a blending brush. You need to only use only a single color or at best two colors on your eyelid and avoid having a cut crease eyeshadow or a smokey eye look.

Step 3 Apply Winged Eyeliner

To get the perfect Egirl look you have to apply winged eyeliner on each of your eyelids use a Liquid eyeliner or black color and try to create bold and large wings.

Step 4 Add Mascara

To complete your eye makeup for Egirl look add mascara to your eyelashes and also fill your eyebrows.

Step 5 Apply Blush to The Face

Blush is the main part of anyone doing E girl makeup look. Apply the blush in large amounts not only to your cheeks but also to your nose for getting a standout look. Use a brush to try and ensure that your blush mixes seamlessly into your face and doesn’t come across as patchy.

Step 6 Highlight your face

Use a powder highlighter to highlight your nose tip and then use a liquid or cream highlighter and use it on your cheeks.

Step 7 Add Faux Freckles and Hearts

Faux freckles are a big part of E girl makeup look and you can use brown eyeliner or eyeshadow to draw freckles. Use black eyeliner to draw hearts or apply a heart sticker below your eye.

Step 8 Apply Lipstick

If you are going for soft Egirl makeup then you can use peach or nude lipstick, if instead, you want a gothic look you can apply dark red lipstick or use other bold colors. Otherwise, you can also use a lip balm that is glossy and keep your look natural with more focus on your eye or face makeup.

Step 9 Finish your look by setting it

Finalize your look by adding a makeup setting spray that will allow your makeup to set for hours and keep your face looking fresh.

E Girl Makeup Looks

1. Soft egirl Makeup Look

This is the most popular choice amongst all the girl makeup looks and requires you to go for softer colors like pink and purple to ensure that you show a gentle and feminine look. For more details, you can also see our article on Soft Girl Makeup look.

2. Cute egirl Makeup Look

Cute girl makeup is the second most popular look to get this look apply Peach Eyeshadow followed by black eyeliner, tiny hearts or stars face stickers, lip stain, and very shiny gloss.

3. Simple egirl Makeup Look

To get the simple girl makeup look use blush just on your nose like you have been in the sun, add fake freckles and use eyeliner colors from purple, blue, or pink, also keep the foundation minimal and add concealer to get a fresh face.

4.Grunge egirl makeup Look

Use darker colors just like in grunge style but go for more eyeliner and blush that is over the top. For eyeliner choose a color from purple or green. Like all grunge styles, you need a dark lipstick

5. Goth egirl Makeup Look

This is again a twist on gothic style using pink or brown for eyeliners and creating cat eye using a liquid eyeliner

6. Natural egirl Makeup Look

Natural egirl makeup is just a no-makeup look with more shine

7. Easy egirl Makeup Look

To get this easy egirl look go for a basic look and don’t apply any foundation at all only a slight concealer and just apply a lot of blush around your nose and cheeks

8. Black egirl Makeup Look

This look is for afro Americans use a mixture of pinks that are bright as well as soft for eyeshadow, use a lot of rosy pink blush or an eyeshadow across your cheeks, and   create little hearts on your face using a concealer

These are the other popular looks in the egirl that we will cover at a later time in other articles

9. Green egirl Makeup Look

10. Pink egirl Makeup Look

11. Blue egirl Makeup Look

12. Subtle egirl Makeup Look

13. Egirl makeup simple Look

14. Dark egirl Makeup Look

15. Red egirl Makeup Look

16. Edgy egirl Makeup Look

17. Egirl makeup for hooded eyes Look

18. Kawaii egirl Makeup Look

19. Basic egirl Makeup Look

20. Light egirl Makeup Look

21. Egirl Makeup with eyeliner Look

22. Blush egirl Makeup Look

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