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Is It Better To Cut Hair Wet or Dry: Disadvantages & Advantages

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Better To Cut Hair Wet or Dry

A Lot of people wonder whether the hair should be cut wet or dry while usually, wet haircuts are what saloons will give you there are some advantages to cutting hair dry also it really depends on your hair type and your hairstyle. In this article, we try to answer whether is it better to cut hair wet or dry, the advantages and disadvantages of dry and wet haircuts, and whether should you cut your hair dry or wet.


Disadvantages of cutting dry hair

  1. Difficult to get precise lines.
  2. Cannot get precise haircuts like A-line or blunt bob haircuts.
  3. Cannot get transformation haircuts.
  4. Hair is free to move so has more chance to get damaged.

Is It Better To Cut Hair Wet or Dry

Wet cutting of hair is better when going for exact or sleek haircuts and hairstyles like A Line Bob without layers and if you have hair that is curly and straight while a dry haircut is risky and can cause mistakes that are harder to fix but is still better for a more free-flowing uneven haircut.

It is better to cut your hair wet or dry depending on the hair type, haircut, and hairstyle you want.

  1. A wet haircut is better when you are looking for sleek and exact haircuts and straight hair while a dry haircut is better when you are going for an uneven haircut or a haircut that is more free-flowing and will have more layers.
  2. A wet haircut is better for hairstyles like A Line Bob or long hairstyles without layers while a dry haircut is better for shaggy hairstyles or asymmetrical bob hairstyles.
  3. A wet haircut is more suited for those who have fine and thin hair that is straight while a dry haircut is more suited for those who have curly and wavy hair
  4. If you keep your hair curly and straight both then go for a wet haircut.

Dry Hair Cut

In Dry hair cut the hair washing step is skipped and you can directly go ahead to cutting your hair dry

Advantages Of Cutting Dry Hair

  • If your hair is cut dry it will allow the hair stylist cutting your hair to able to see each curl and wave and thus be able to personalize your haircut better.
  • Dry haircut is better for detailing and ensuring your hair has texture.
  • Some hairstylists will actually use this option as this works well for the movement of your hair and its texture which allows them to style and shape your curls easily.
  • A Dry haircut allows the hairstylist to see how your hair is falling exactly unlike wet hair which needs to be dried first to be seen this makes it better if you are looking for a very precise haircut like bangs where length is important or where the shape of your haircut is precise.
  • A dry haircut also works well for those who have thicker hair on one side and thinner hair on the other side.
  • If you have fine and thin hair opt for a dry haircut as the amount of hair that will be needed to be removed gets reduced in a dry haircut.
  • Dry Cut will also work well for those who don’t like to do too much styling of their hair

Disadvantages Of Cutting Dry Hair

  • A major disadvantage of dry cutting is that it will be difficult to get precise lines as the hair moves more when dry so you cannot get precise haircuts like A-line or blunt bob haircuts with dry hair.
  • Another disadvantage of a dry haircut is that it is not suitable if you are reducing your hair length by a big amount i.e. transforming your hair as the amount of time taken would be too much.
  • Dry Cutting means that as the hair is free to move so you need to clip the hair while cutting it.
  • Holding and parting the hair when it is dry is tough which makes it tougher to cut dry hair.
  • Dry cutting requires more skill than wet haircut so preferably get it done with a hairstylist who is trained at a salon and don’t try it yourself at home.

Wet hair Cut

A Wet haircut is when hair is cut when it is wet but that does not mean it is dripping wet just wet enough to make it easier for your hairstylist to cut through it. It is also historically the more traditional way of cutting your hair.

Advantages Of Cutting Wet Hair

  • Wet hair makes it easier for hairstylists as it stops the hair from moving which allows them to cut straight or blunt and also makes it easy for getting smooth haircuts which is why it is more popular.
  • Wet Hair makes it easier for the hairdresser to section your hair as it shows them the actual length of your hair providing them with greater control.
  • The moisture present in your hair also acts as a lubricant for your hair which makes detangling your hair or parting your hair much easy for the hairdresser.
  • This method works well for all kinds of sleek and precise hairstyles that have been fashion over the years
  • Most hairstylists are trained in cutting wet hair and they can easily use their techniques for different hair types on it. It is also easier if you are cutting your hair at home.

Disadvantages Of Cutting Wet Hair

  1. Wet haircutting takes more time and effort than dry haircutting
  2. Wet hair has more elasticity so it falls 50% longer as compared to dry hair more so if you if the hair is curly and which is why a hairdresser has to visualize and cut which means until your hair is blow-dried you can’t actually see if your hair has been cut correctly to the right length.

What Should You do Cut Your Hair Wet Or Dry

There are both advantages and disadvantages to cutting wet hair and dry hair. Cutting wet hair goes well for those having straight hair and those wanting a sleek and exact hairstyle or for hairstyles like A Line Bob it also makes sure that your hair can be easily detangled. Cutting hair dry goes well for curvy and wavy hair and for those wanting shaggy hairstyles and for those having combination hair like thick and thin hair. Also while cutting your hair dry curls and movements can be seen naturally by the hair stylist

Hair Types That Should Cut Their Hair Dry

Curly hair with waves and those having Coily Hair are the hair types that should cut their hair dry. Those wanting asymmetrical hairstyles like shaggy hairstyles or asymmetrical bob should also get a dry haircut

Hair Types That Should Cut Their Hair Wet

Those who have straight hair should get a wet haircut. Also, those wanting accurate and sleek hairstyles or long hairstyles without layers should cut their hair wet.


Wet Cutting is preferred over dry cutting most of the time as it is easier and more suited for exact and sleek hairstyles though dry hair cuts can also be preferred in case you are looking for small trims and uneven haircuts.

Advantages of Cutting Wet Hair

  •  It is easy for getting smooth haircuts
  •  Provides greater control.
  • Detangling or parting your hair becomes much easy
  • Suited for sleek and precise hairstyles

Disadvantages of Cutting Wet Hair

  1. Takes more time and effort
  2. Can take of more length than required
  3. Hair shrinks after drying
  4. Hard to texturize wet hair

Advantages of Cutting Dry Hair

  1.  Better for detailing and ensuring your hair has texture.
  2. More suited for those wanting trims


Will Cutting Dry Hair Cause Split Ends

No, it will not in fact if the hairstylist cutting your hair cuts it dry they can see the split ends and trim them off which will in turn make your hair healthier.

Is Cutting Hair at Night Ok

Yes, it is ok provided you have enough light to see clearly to get a haircut.

Is Cutting Hair Healthy

Yes, it is healthy as cutting your hair regularly helps hair growth and helps remove the split ends.

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