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Baby Hairs or Breakage: How To Tell if Flyways are New Growth or Breakage

new hair growth vs breakage

If you were one of those who thought flyways were always hair breakage think again there is a difference they could very well be new growth or baby hairs. Flyways are little strands of hair that instead of standing down with the rest of your hair end up sticking up and are usually found in your hair when you have hair breakage or new hair growth. In this article, we will cover the difference between new hair growth vs hair breakage and try to answer if baby hairs are a sign of new growth or hair breakage.

Baby Hairs

Baby Hairs are small, thin hairs that can be seen across your hairline they are also called “Peach Fuzz” or “Vellus”. All these baby hairs have a texture that is different from the rest of the hair which makes it much harder to style them and most of the time they don’t stay flat with the rest of your hair creating flyways.

Difference between New Growth vs Baby Hairs vs Breakage

The difference between new growth vs breakage is in the location and appearance.


Baby hairs are small and don’t grow more than a couple of inches and can be found around the lower part of your hair and near your hairline.

Hair Breakage is usually found all across the hair and seen where styling tools with heat are used more or where hair is tied up in a bun.

New growth is also found all across the hair.


Baby hair appearance is uniform it will look the same from hair tip hair roots.

Hair Breakage will vary in appearance it can appear as split ends, either the hair ends will not look smooth or the hair tips may look thinner than the roots.

New growth will also have all hairs of the same length.


In terms of flyways if it is new hair growth it will be easier to style it in the way you are trying to style your hair while if it is hair breakage it has a texture that is different from the rest of the hair and so will be harder to style.

Are Baby Hairs a Sign of New Growth or Breakage

Baby Hairs can be found in both new growth and hair breakage and can be harder to distinguish.  You can try and look to distinguish if you have new growth in one area there will be new growth throughout the hair and if there is hair breakage in one part of the head there should be hair breakage in other areas. A hair pull test is used to conclusively figure out if it is new growth or breakage in a hair pull test 20 hairs are pulled and if 6 come out it means your hair has breakage problems and you are actively shedding hair. It’s best to see a specialist to figure out if you have a hair damage problem.

Taking Care of New Hair Growth & Baby Hair

The caring tip for baby hairs and new growth is that they are best left alone as they are very delicate and they need to grow to be healthy. It is best that new hair growth and baby hairs are not styled too much and you focus on moisturizing them so that they are kept sealed and protected and are kept away from heat and heat-based styling as much as possible.

Taking Care of Hair Breakage

Moisturize Your Hair Deeply

You should do deep moisturizing treatments for your hair using coconut oil, shea butter, or olive oil, or use a hair mask regularly at home 2 times a week and plan a salon or spa visit once a month for treatment.

Use a Shampoo to help Repair Your Hair

You should use a damage repair shampoo that helps keep your hair free of frizz and do the shampooing 2 times a week but not overdo the same. A damage-repair shampoo doesn’t have any chemicals that will harm your hair or remove its natural oils.

Deep Condition Your Hair

Use a sulfate-free and paraben-free conditioner on your hair to help protect your hair

Don’t Use Heat on Your Hair

Heat styling tools cause a lot of damage to your hair and using heat styling tools with baby hair doesn’t work well as well so we suggest you minimize the use of these products.

Use Lukewarm water for Shampooing

You should use lukewarm water to shampoo your hair and use a conditioner with room-temperature water.

Apply a Heat Protectant on Your Hair

If you still have to use heat tools on your hair like Blow Dryer try using a heat protectant on your hair to protect your hair.

Keep Your Hair Wrapped

You can keep your hair in a warp with a scarf when you go out in the sunlight to protect your hair from UV rays.

Visit a Hair Specialist

While you can use all the hair care tips and tricks but the best solution is always to visit a hair specialist. A hair specialist can help you figure out if this is a sign of some deficiency in nutrients or if it is some kind of hormonal imbalance which cause hair damage. While you can try the above hair care tips for 4 to 6 weeks and if these tips don’t work  for sure visit a specialist


What is considered Normal Breakage?

Breakage is not considered normal it means there is a problem in your hair and you should see a specialist soon.  Hair fall, on the other hand, is considered normal and you can lose even 50 strands a day to hair fall and it is considered fine.

Will breakage lead to the stopping of Hair Growth?

Breakage doesn’t lead to the stopping of hair growth as hair continues to grow at the roots what breakage does is that leads to a lesser increase in the length of hair which may lead you to believe that hair is not growing but that is not true.

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