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How To Thin Nail Polish at Home With Alcohol, Acetone ,Remover, Thinner or Water

How To Thin Nail Polish at Home With Alcohol, Acetone ,Remover

If you open a bottle of nail polish and find that lacquer has all thickened and dried out don’t get disheartened and throw the bottle in the trash instead use our methods to revive your nail polish in this article we will cover How To Thin Nail Polish at Home using Acetone, Alcohol, Thinner, Remover or Water use them and revive and make your nail polish look as good as new for the short term in the long term we recommend that you buy new nail polish.

How To Thin Nail Polish at Home

You can easily thin nail polish at home using either of the following 5 ingredients

  1. Hot Water
  2. Acetone
  3. Alcohol
  4. Nail Polish Remover
  5. Nail Polish Thinner

Di note that all of these are short-term temporary fixes for your nail polish if your nail polish has thickened and dried it means it has expired and though all of these methods will work on nail polish that is expired in the long term it is better off that you buy a new nail polish.

How To Thin Nail Polish That is Dried out With Alcohol

You can use alcohol to thin nail polish but you should only use Isopropyl alcohol which is present in rubbing alcohol to do so and not use any other alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is used as a replacement solvent as it acts like ethyl acetate which is the solvent used in most nail polish. Mix 2 drops of rubbing alcohol in the nail polish and then mix not by shaking but by swirling it by holding the bottle upside down and rolling it between your palms. Check if the nail polish has thinned and repeat the process if necessary. After the nail polish has thinned wait for 20 minutes before applying it

How To Thin Nail Polish with Nail Polish Thinner

Nail Polish Thinner is made for the purpose of thinning nail lacquer so it is the best solution to revive your nail polish. First, take 2  drops of nail polish thinner ( follow the instructions as mentioned on the label of your thinner and use as directed)  and add it to your nail polish. Mix the nail polish but don’t shake it instead try swirling it by turning the bottle down and rolling it between your palms. After mixing check the lacquer to see if it has thinned out if not then add drops of thinner and swirl it again but be careful and don’t add too much thinner or nail polish will not even stick to your nails.

There are specific Nail Polish thinners made for gel nail polish use them if your lacquer has a gel formula.

How To Thin out Nail Polish Using Hot Water

This method is only useful if your nail polish has not become too thick. To make your own DIY Nail polish thinner first, take a  bowl and fill it with hot water make sure that the water is not too hot or else the glass of your nail polish bottle may break. Place your bottle of nail polish into the bowl and leave it for 2 minutes after that remove it taking care that the nail polish bottle itself will be very hot. Swirl your nail polish bottle by turning the bottle upside down and rolling it between the palm of your hands making sure that you don’t shake it as that causes air bubbles. Open and check the nail polish it would have thinned and if it has not happened then repeat the process. This method also works if you have to open a nail polish bottle that is stuck.

How To Thin Nail Polish That is Clumpy With Acetone

Take an eyedropper and add a single drop of acetone to your nail polish any more than 1 drop will ruin your nail polish. Again Swirl and mix the nail polish until it is thinned. Do note that acetone has a chance to ruin the nail polish so only use this method if the nail polish left in the bottle is less. Acetone is also not good for your nails it will make your nails weaker and more brittle and thus prone to breakage so this is not a recommended method as adding acetone to nail polish means it will be in constant contact with your nails. Use this method only if you don’t have a thinner and alcohol.

How To Thin Nail Polish That is Thick with Nail Polish Remover

If you have a nail polish remover that has acetone in it then you can use it in place of acetone but again just don’t use it more than a drop as using more will cause nail polish to break up both in the bottle as well as on your nails.

What to do If Nail Polish becomes Too Thin?

If using any of these methods has made your nail polish too thin then open the nail polish bottle remove the brush and leave it in the room for a day and the air will work and make the nail polish thick again.

Preventing Nail Polish From Turning Thick and Goopy

Using tricks like nail polish thinners and acetone are not good for your nails so it is better to prevent your nail polish from thickening by following these precautions. You can take some simple precautions to prevent your nail polish from turning thick and goopy

Store Nail Polish Correctly in a Cool and Dark Place

The ideal way to store nail polish is to place it in a cool, dry, and dark place where the temperature remains consistent. Consistency of temperature will go a long way in preventing your nail polish from thickening or clumping. Many people use bathrooms as a storage place for nail polish which is not a good idea as there are too many fluctuations in temperature there. You can even use a refrigerator as a place of storage if you live in a constantly hot and humid place but make sure you don’t place the nail polish in areas that are too cold as you may end up freezing the nail polish.

Keep Nail Polish Sealed Correctly

After using the nail polish seal the bottle correctly as every time nail polish will come into contact with air it will dry out and thicken. We always use air to dry our nails and the same happens when nail polish is not sealed air dries out nail polish in the bottle and it thickens so better to seal it correctly to make it last longer.

Remind Yourself of the Expiry Date

Try to keep track of the expiry date of your nail polish by labeling the bottles so that you finish the bottle before expiry and prevent the thickening of nail polish.

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