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Hot Oil Treatment vs Deep Conditioning : Can You Do Both at the Same Time

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Hot Oil Treatment vs Deep Conditioning

While hot oil treatment is an age-old tradition there are a lot of followers of new age deep conditioning and the debate over both of them is long running so which one is better for natural hair and can you do both hot oil treatment and deep conditioning at the same time we answer all your questions in this article

Hot Oil Treatment vs Deep Conditioning Which is better

You can choose either hot oil treatment or deep conditioner or even use both of them as part of your hair care regimen as they serve different purposes. While Hot Oil treatment adds shine to your hair and lubricates your hair the deep conditioning treatment hydrates your hair and scalp and both are needed at different points for your hair hence you can choose whichever one suits you and even better do them both. When choosing between two the hot oil treatment is recommended more and you can do that and skip the deep conditioning another option is to do these every alternate week. These are the salient difference between both the treatments

Hot Oil Treatment Deep Conditioning
In hot oil treatment, the oil is absorbed into the hair’s core which helps reverse hair damage and makes the hair more elastic by moisturizing it. In Deep conditioning, the conditioner works only on the top layer of hair and hydrates the hair by adding moisture to it.
Hot Oil treatment is suited more for those having dry hair.  Deep conditioning Treatment works well on all types of hair.
The hot oil treatment is a long terms solution as the oil is absorbed deeply into the hair core. Deep conditioning Treatment is a short-term treatment as it only works on the top layer of hair
For a Hot oil treatment, you only need a single ingredient which is hot oil, or maybe even a blend of oils like olive or walnut, or almond. For making a deep conditioning hair mask or a deep conditioner multiple ingredients are needed like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and others
In this treatment, you will require the oil to be heated which will expose your hair to heat. Deep conditioning Treatment does not require any heat
In the hot oil treatment, you use the hot oil as a lubricant that helps in reducing the frizz in the hair as well as nourishing the hair. When you use a Deep conditioner than as it has low pH it works very well in getting rid of frizziness in your hair.


Can You do a hot oil treatment and deep conditioner at the same time

Yes, you can do both the hot oil treatment and deep conditioning treatment at the same time for this use a deep conditioning hair mask and add hot oil to it, and then apply it to your hair but do note that you should only do this if you are short on time for best results it is ideal if you do both separately.

Should You Do Hot oil treatment before or after deep conditioning?

The ideal approach is to first do the hot oil treatment and then wash your hair on the same day and follow it with a deep conditioner treatment.

Hot Oil Treatment Meaning

Hot oil treatment means simply selecting a suitable hair oil and applying it to your hair and scalp while massaging your hair. A hot oil treatment simply increases the supply of important nutrients to your hair and enhances the supply of blood to your hair and also helps moisturize your hair while at the same time reducing dandruff, hair breakage, split ends, and dryness in your hair

Deep Conditioning Meaning

Deep conditioning means applying a deep conditioner to your hair and leaving it for 20 to 30 minutes in order to hydrate your hair and also reverse any hair damage. Deep conditioners are more concentrated versions of normal conditioners as they have a formula that is more intensive. The difference between deep conditioners and normal conditioners is that you should leave them on your hair for a longer duration around 20 to 30 minutes as compared to normal conditioners which can be washed off immediately.


What should be the Frequency of Hot Oil treatment?

The ideal frequency of Hot Oil treatment is weekly or sometimes applying hot oil fortnightly.

How many times should you do Deep Conditioning treatment

The ideal approach is to do a deep conditioning treatment fortnightly or twice a month but it varies depending on the type and condition of your hair for example if you have hair that is extremely dry and damaged you should start doing deep conditioning every week.

Is Hot Oil treatment helpful in making hair straight

Hot Oil treatment may make your hair appear straighter than usual but that is only temporary as the oil is weighing your hair down.

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