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How To Curl Fine Hair & Make Curls Stay In Fine Straight Hair

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How To Curl Fine Hair & Make Curls Stay In Fine Straight Hair

Making Curls Stay in Fine Straight Hair is a tough job as they don’t stay curly for too long and most of the hair falls out once you have removed the curling iron from your hair. In this article, we provide tips on how to curl fine hair step by step and how to make curls stay in fine hair.

How To Curl Fine Hair Step by Step

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

As a first step prepare your hair by not washing and shampooing them a day before curling as curls stay best with hair that has not been washed in fact applying heat on hair that is in its natural state also works better. On the day you want to curl your fine hair, you can apply a dry shampoo and then a curl-boosting spray on the damp hair. You should also use a heat protectant on your hair and blow dry your hair on the setting with the lowest heat before.

Step 2:  Part & Section Your Hair

First Detangle and part your hair dividing it into sections so that they are more manageable and clip them with clips or pins and then start working from the lowest section.

Step 3: Apply a Curling iron to Your Hair

Depending on the kind of curls you are looking for apply curling irons, straighteners, or hot rollers to your hair. Use small sections of hair at a time taking hair an inch or two inches wide and applying curling iron on it. Do ensure that you create curls that are tight so that they stay in place and don’t fall flat. Use the Curling iron for a maximum of 8 to 20 seconds to ensure that curls are not too loose or wavy and they stay in place,

Step 4: Pin Your Curls

To make sure that the curls stay in fine straight hair after curling your hair you have to roll the curl and pin the curls in place using a bobby pin until the hair cools down this will keep the curls in shape. This is the most important step for making sure that your curls stay in place.

Step 5: Add a Hair Spray

After Curling each section of your hair apply hairspray to your hair in order to add shine to your hair. When choosing a hairspray try to choose a hairspray that doesn’t have aerosol so that it doesn’t cause your hair to be sticky and stiff.

Step 5: Finalize Your Look

After Curling your hair completely finalize your look by running your fingers on the hair so that you can add hair volume and also ensure that dryness caused by hairspray is removed. Make sure that you don’t brush your curls so that your hair is detangled and your curls maintain their original shape.

How To Make Curls Stay In Fine Straight Hair

To make the curls stay in fine hair you have to ensure that your pin the curls in place with a bobby pin after you have finished curling them with a hot roller or a curling iron. Ideally, curl your hair section by section, and after curling a section pin your curls in place and then after you have finished curling your complete hair wait for your hair to cool down and only then remove the pins.

Haircare Tips When Curling Fine Straight Hair

  1. Make sure that you don’t condition your hair when curling fine straight hair as conditioned hair will make holding your hair when curling difficult.
  2. Either make sure that you get a heat protection treatment done on your hair before curling them or use a heat protectant spray before exposing your hair to the heat of a curling iron.
  3. After curling your hair don’t forget to use a hairspray or a spritz as that will help in making sure that your curls stay in place as well as help in reducing the harmful effect of the heat on your hair.
  4. Make sure that when curling you use the ideal barrel size needed for your curls follow this curling iron size guide to choose the right barrel size. The general rule of thumb is that for tighter curls you go for small barrel-size curling irons and for loose curls you choose bigger barrel-size curling irons.
  5. Always go for air drying your hair or for towel drying your hair as that will accentuate the natural curls and also serve as increasing hair volume.


In summary, you should follow the following key points if you want to curl your fine straight hair and also to ensure that your curls stay.

  1. The most important thing to ensure that your curls stay in fine hair is that you pin the curls in place with a bobby pin and leave them for some time after curling which will make sure that the curls will retain the shape.
  2. Always add a hairspray that boosts curling  to damp hair as that will ensure that your curling iron has a better grip on your hair
  3. After Curling make sure that you finalize your look with a hair spray that does not contain aerosol so that it adds shine to your hair while at the same time not making your hair look stiff
  4. Always take care to apply a heat protectant to your hair before curling hair or getting a heat protection treatment done.


Temperature For Curling Fine Hair

The right temperature for a curling wand for curling your hair should be below 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Curling Hair Inwards or Outwards

If you curl your hair outwards you can add a glamorous look to your hair while if you curl your hair inwards you can create a more natural look

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