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What is Damp Hair, How Does It Look ,How To Take Care Of It & Hacks for Damp Hair

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Damp Hair

In this article, we cover What is the meaning of Damp Hair, How Damp hair Look, Difference between Damp hair and wet hair, How To Take Care Of Damp hair & Hacks for Damp Hair

What is Damp Hair Meaning

Damp hair means hair that after washing has been dried by a towel so that it is neither completely wet and dripping with water nor completely dry. Essentially hair that has been dried a little with a towel or air is called damp hair however damp hair is not completely dry hair and you can still feel some moisture when you touch the hair.

What Does Damp Hair Look Like

This picture is a close look at what damp hair looks like

How Does Damp hair Look Like (1)

What Does Damp Hair Look Like

Damp Hair Vs Wet Hair Differences

The difference between damp hair and wet hair is the amount of moisture present in hair with Damp hair being 70 to 80% dry hair and wet hair being hair completely dripping with water just after you have come out of shower. If you touch the damp hair you can still feel that it has moisture in it which is not the case with dry hair.

Damp Hair Effect on Scalp

Damp hair is not good for your scalp as the moisture present in your hair acts as a breeding ground for a lot of microbes that can cause fungal infections on your scalp. If you are one of those who like to do hairstyles that tie up your hair like braids, ponytails, dreadlocks, and buns and if you leave your hair damp it will lead to fungal infections and your hair will have a bad smell and will also end up feeling very dry and itchy with lots of irritation.

Sleeping With Damp Hair

Is it bad to sleep with damp hair?

Yes, it is bad to sleep with damp hair as it may lead to fungal infections on your scalp and may cause scalp acne.  It is not recommended to sleep with damp hair because the moisture that has been left in your hair when combined with a cotton pillow and scalp makes it easy to cause fungal infections and the growth of mold and bacteria and cause issues like dandruff, mildew, mold, and dermatitis.

Sleeping with damp hair may also cause your hair to end up being in a tangle and be tousled which in turn will cause split ends and hair damage. If the weather is cold and you are sleeping with damp hair you can also expose yourself to allergies and issues like sinus, rhinitis, and headache. Another issue with sleeping with damp hair is that it may cause dryness and skin irritation.

How to sleep with damp hair

Though it is not recommended to sleep with damp hair but if you cannot avoid sleeping with damp hair then take the following precautions to avoid more issues.

  1. Use Satin or Silk Pillowcases: If possible instead of cotton switch to satin or if you can afford it silk pillowcases as they are anti-bacterial and don’t produce too much friction thus being gentle on your damp hair and can also help maintain the right moisture balance in your hair.
  2. Apply Coconut Oil: Coconut oil helps in maintaining the right moisture balance in your hair and helps avoid breakage of hair.
  3. Don’t oil Your Hair: Oiling of hair should always be done before washing and oiling damp hair is strictly not recommended.
  4. Always Condition Your Hair: Hair Conditioner can always help reduce the frizziness in your hair and help avoids breakage of hair so try to develop a conditioner routine for your hair if you regularly sleep in damp hair.
  5. Dry Your Hair as Much as Possible: If possible dry your hair with a blow dryer or use a towel to dry your hair as much as possible that is the best solution.

Can You Bleach Damp Hair

Yes, you can bleach damp hair and it is especially done if you are going for balayage though you should be aware that damp hair may end up diluting the bleach and making it less effective. The developer solution used while bleaching already contains water so ideally it is recommended to bleach dry hair only but you can also work with damp hair.

Can You Dye Damp Hair

Yes you can dye or color damp hair also but again the amount of moisture present in your hair may cause dilution and will lead to uneven application of hair dye thus leading to a color that might be different than what you wanted so the better option is to go with dry hair but if not possible than going with damp hair also works.

Damp Hair Hacks: How To Take Care Of Damp Hair

Taking care of your damp hair requires following these precautions

Don’t Expose your Damp Hair to heat

Be very careful and don’t use heat-based styling tools like curling irons, flat irons or blow dryers on hair that is damp if you do so you are likely to hear a sizzle or a popping sound from your hair as there is moisture present in your hair which evaporates fast when you use these tools causing long term hair damage. When you expose damp hair to heat you may also cause the formation of bubble hair where air bubbles get caught up in the cortex of hair which may cause long-term damage. It has been scientifically tested that if you expose your hair to high temperatures mostly in the range of 175 to 215 degrees Celsius for more than 5 minutes then you are causing damage to hair shafts. To ensure that you don’t cause any damage due to heat exposure always use your heat styling tools on low or cool settings and use a heat protectant before you apply these tools.

Avoid using a hard Brush

Don’t use a hard brush on your damp hair as it may cause stretching of hair and eventual breakage of hair instead try using a soft brush on your damp hair and combine it with using a wide tooth comb in order to detangle your hair.

Don’t tye your hair when Damp

Don’t style your hair when it is damp and especially don’t tie it up in buns, ponytails, or upbraids as that will cause airflow to be constrained which may lead to fungal growth on your damp hair instead wait for hair to dry.

Don’t Sleep with Damp Hair

As mentioned before sleeping with damp hair is not recommended at all as that may cause lot of fungal problems in hair as well as hair damage.

We cover more about straightening damp hair  and also about putting toner on damp hair here

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