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How To Choose The Right Hair Toner For Highlighted Hair

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The Right Hair Toner For Highlighted Hair

Hair Toner helps fix all kinds of issues with colored hair and also helps fix highlighted hair and revive the color of your hair. If you want to know How to choose the right hair toner for highlighted hair depending on your hair type we are here to help you read on.

What is a Hair Toner?

A hair toner is a kind of color corrector that is used during and after your color treatment to either correct the shade of your hair color or enhance the undertones of the color and is especially needed if you have bleached or blonde hair. Hair Toners are used on bleached hair with a yellow or orange tint to correct them to platinum or ashy and it is also used to counter brassiness in your hair. Hair toners also help to correct the unevenness in the highlighted hair. Hair toners also help in giving a polished look to the coloring done on your hair. Additionally for colored hair using hair toners help in reducing the dryness and frizziness.

How Do Hair Toners Work?

Hair toner works by temporarily depositing color pigments onto your hair to add shine to your hair while at the same time correcting the hues and undertones of your hair overall it works as a hair gloss for colored hair by adding luster, color, and shine to the hair. While hair toners can adjust the shades of your hair color they cannot change the color completely don’t expect to go from brunette to blonde using just a hair toner you need to do proper bleaching and hair coloring to do that. When hair toners work correctly people cannot tell if you have used  a hair color

What does hair toner do to highlights?

When you apply hair toner on highlighted hair they work by adding color pigments to your highlighted hair so that your highlights align more closely with the natural color of your hair. Hair Toners also work by countering the brassy undertone or the warm undertone in your highlighted hair thus helping your highlights to be more enhanced.

When using hair toners on highlighted hair choose from the opposing ends of color wheels in order to neutralize the shade of your existing hair color.

If you need to change just a part of your hair with highlights for example if you have hair that is faded yellow and blonde then add a purple ash hair toner and it will turn your hair into a neutralized ash color.

Hair toner helps revives the original hair color you had used If you have highlights that have become brassy and dull blonde apply a hair toner on it to turn it into ashy and cool toned.

If your hair color has become caramel you can use a hair toner to revive it into brown hair that looks fresh like honey you can also make your hair color go from yellow to white if you had dyed it platinum before.

Choosing The Right Toner For Highlights

Choosing the right toner for highlights depends upon the kind of color that you are looking for choose an ash toner if you are looking to counter hair that has brassy and orange highlights while choosing a purple toner if you have lighter highlights. You can also add toner to deepen your highlights but be careful as using too much hair toner can actually lead to your highlights actually looking dull.

Choosing Toner For Blonde Hair

For Blonde hair, you need to use a purple ash toner that will remove your blondish but yellow hue this works because they are on opposite sides of the color wheel.


Choosing Toner For Dark Hair

For Dark hair choose an ash blonde hair toner or a beige blonde hair toner

Choosing Toner For Auburn Hair

For Auburn hair that is reddish and brown choose a green hair toner  so that it can neutralize it

Choosing Toner For Bold Hair

if you have an excessively bold colored hair choose a blue toner to help counter it

When to choose Purple Toner

If you have very light blonde hair (shade 7 to shade 10) then choose a purple toner to help counter yellow tones

When to choose Blue Toner

If you have medium blonde hair  to light brown hair(shade 4 to shade 6) then choose a blue toner to help counter brassy or orange tones

When to choose Green Toner

If you have black  hair  to dark brown(shade 1 to shade 4) then choose a green toner to help counter red tones

When to choose Red Toner

If you want to increase the intensity of your red or magenta tones use a red toner

When to choose Orange Toner

If you want to increase the intensity of your hair having golden blonde, brown, or auburn tones use an Orange toner

When to choose Yellow Toner

If you want to increase the intensity of your hair having brown tones or to tone down the intensity of intense red hair color use a Yellow toner.

What are the different kinds of Toners?

Hair Toners  are of three different types permanent, semi-permanent and demi-permanent

What is a Permanent Hair Toner?

Permanent hair toners are meant to be lasting for the long term and are used to change the shades of your previous hair color completely. They are stronger in terms of chemicals so be careful before you use them as they may damage your hair.

What is a Semi-Permanent Hair Toner?

If you want to just change your color shade temporarily and maintain the strength of your hair you can use semi-permanent hair toners. These hair toners last for just 10 to 12 shampoo washes after which they fade.

What is a Demi-Permanent Hair Toner?

A demi-permanent hair toner contains ammonia and last almost twice as long as semi-permanent hair toners going up to 20 to 24 washes by shampoo. Since these hair toners contain ammonia be careful in terms of applying them as they can damage your hair.

When To Use a Hair Toner?

These are the times a Hair Toner should be used on your hair

Adjusting Colors after Bleaching

After bleaching your hair and especially if you have dark hair the color will not end up exactly where you want so you would need to apply hair toner as a next step to remove the brassy hair tones and go towards achieving blonde hair.

Correcting hair Colors

If you had made mistakes when applying hair color then it may cause some streaks to appear and hair toner is the best way to correct these mistakes and smoothen out your hair color.

Revive Fading Color

Instead of constantly coloring your hair again and again hair toner is the best way to revive your fading hair color in fact many hairstylists only apply hair color to your naturally regrowing hair and keep applying hair toner to the rest of your hair.

Adding Some Gloss to Your Hair Color

There are multiple hair toners that are colorless and whose purpose is to just add shine and gloss to your hair you can use them as a temporary fix.

Toners and Blonde Hair

We usually think that hair toners are for blonde colors only but that’s not true hair toners are used on dark hair also to remove brassy hair tones but it is a fact that more hair toners are used for getting light blonde hair.

Blonde Hairs also require high maintenance  and you may come across the problem of fading yellow hue you can use a Wella hair toner t11 to t18  in order to get an ash-colored hue to your hair

Caring For Your Toner Hair To prevent Color Fading

These are some caring tips for your highlighted hair

  1. Preferably Use a permanent or a demi-permanent hair toner
  2. Frequent washing with shampoo may wash out your hair color so reduce shampoo of your color
  3. It is usually said that hair toners last 2 to 6 weeks with regular shampooing so keep refreshing your hair highlights with hair toners every 4 to 8 weeks
  4. Use a shampoo that is specifically meant for color-treated hair
  5. Apply hair Serums  that can prevent color fading
  6. Avoid having too much direct exposure to sun


What does toner do for highlights?

Toner is not necessary to use after highlighting but if your hair colors look too brassy or orangish and is contrasting too much with your natural hair color you will have to apply hair toner

Why use toners for hair?

Toners are necessary for hair after bleaching as it helps in reducing brassiness which are the unwanted tones like orange and yellow that appear in hair that has been colored.

Can I use two different hair toners at the same time?

Yes, you can always combine two different hair toners at the same time but it requires a lot of knowledge about hair porosity and color mixing usually, it is done by hair stylists to achieve a shade that is right for hair.

How long do Hair Toners last?

Hair toners last from 2 to 6 weeks in your hair but it depends on your hair type and the amount of shampoo washes that you do. Also, hair that is natural can hold hair for much longer than hair that has been chemically treated or colored.

Toners vs Hair Dyes?

Toner and hair dye are complementary a hair dye colors your hair while toner cannot color your hair but can help correct the shades of colors on your hair it acts as a color corrector.

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